When a guy taps you on the shoulder what does it mean/friendly or?.....

The guy I like who knows I like and we've been friends for two years came up behind me and he tapped me on the shoulder and walked away a sec innocently looking away or in front pretending it wasn't him lolll it was so cute. Later on, he did it again.

Friendly or something more?


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  • He defiantly likes you! 100%

    The reason why he touches you (according to my knowledge), is because he wants to know you in every way; whether it be emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically etc. Physical moves say a lot more on those initial stages of a relationship compared to emotional or mental moves. You must be a really lovely person.Go for it!

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      Really? Thanks so much, I will keep hope! I've liked him for two years and he knowsit but just recently I've really come into my own and am a lot more confident :)

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      Urmm that's all I know haha. I've only watched a couple of documentaries on anthropology and what makes men and women different etc. Check them out on gogole videos or Youtube.

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      I disagree regarding the 100%.

      Tapping on shoulders is pretty common for friends that are comfortable with each other.