When a guy taps you on the shoulder what does it mean/friendly or?.....

The guy I like who knows I like and we've been friends for two years came up behind me and he tapped me on the shoulder and walked away a sec innocently looking away or in front pretending it wasn't him lolll it was so cute. Later on, he did it again.

Friendly or something more?


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  • He defiantly likes you! 100%

    The reason why he touches you (according to my knowledge), is because he wants to know you in every way; whether it be emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically etc. Physical moves say a lot more on those initial stages of a relationship compared to emotional or mental moves. You must be a really lovely person.Go for it!

    • Really? Thanks so much, I will keep hope! I've liked him for two years and he knowsit but just recently I've really come into my own and am a lot more confident :)

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    • Urmm that's all I know haha. I've only watched a couple of documentaries on anthropology and what makes men and women different etc. Check them out on gogole videos or Youtube.

    • I disagree regarding the 100%.

      Tapping on shoulders is pretty common for friends that are comfortable with each other.

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  • It sounds like minor flirting to me.

  • It USED to mean he wanted to dance with you. That's the ONLY reason a gentleman in MY old school days would have touched a girl without permission.

  • it "could" be just friendly play flirting nothing more.

    honestly though, you should just tell him that you like him

    • Oh believe me he knows, maybe not how much I like him but he definetely knows. I asked him for a drink on Valentines as a hint I like him, but he never replied at the time I never meant to embarass him, I just wanted him to know but turns out he alwys knew I was kind of obv : P hahaha thanks for answers :) The balls's in his court really, I don't want to ever embarass him again if he doesn't like me like that

  • Friendly.


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  • If he does it just the once he's joking about..

    Twice? He likes you

  • I disagree with anyone who says he most definitely likes you. That seems ridiculous, people flirt with people they have no interest in all the time, that's just how some people communicate in a fun friendly way. Everyone's different. You'll only know if you ask.

  • I think he's just doing playful/friendly flirting.. I can't really tell if this action indicates interest since I know a lot of my friends guys and girls do this to me too and I don't think they are attracted to me...or some COULD be but I'm just clueless.

    Does he do it to anyone else? Are there any other ways that he touches you that could be a bigger hint? I'm sorry my answer's really general ! xD

  • probably minor flirting but careful some people are notorious flirts lol