How much does CPR and first-aid certification training cost?

question is up there. thanks. and how long does it take?


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  • In Canada it's given usually by St. John's Ambulanec and basic CPR takes a 1/2 day and costs about $40. If you want some first aid as well - it's a 1 or 2 day course and costs about $120. We also have a Wilderness First Aid in my town that is several weeks, once a week and starts at about $300.

    • No matter the cost, it could be priceless. (See my answer)

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  • I cannot tell you how many CPR, first aid, advanced first aid and advanced life support classes I have taken. Courtesy of the U.S. Red Cross, the military and my employer. This may not make sense to you now, but the cost does not matter; here is why.

    A few weeks ago my older son and I were having lunch - he had a hot dog, etc. I caught something out of the corner of my eye and looked. My son reached to his neck with the "I'm choking sign" and a look of complete terror on his face. I told him I understood, and because of all that training, I didn't have to think - I just reacted. I went over to him and did one Heimlich thrust and he started to wretch and cough. He was making progress, so no more thrusts. A second later he propelled a section of hot dog half way across the table. After a couple of quick breaths he looked up at me and smiled, and said "good Heimlich, dad."

    I'm not telling you this because I think I'm brave or special in any way. I'm telling you this because of all the repetitive training that I didn't have to think: I just reacted.

    If I had to think, I may have called 911. Big mistake, because when seconds count, 911 is only minutes away. He may have had a brain injury.

    Take every class you can - you never know when you will use it. I NEVER imagined. In fact, you may even use the first aid training to save yourself.


    • So true - you may have to use this any time! I live on the TransCanada Highway and have been the first person on the scene of a crash several times. I would rather know what to do than watch someone die. If you are someone who doesn't have a lot of cash, ask at the Red Cross about funding - many groups will pony up the cash for you!

      Good Luck to Ms. Anonymous!

  • umm, cost vary- You can contact your local Red Cross, they normally hold free clinics I believe. . .. Also, if you have been previously certified, you can take the tests and stuff online with American Heart Association, and I think you can do it with red cross too. . . . . I would start with calling red cross, or even calling the hospital and asking general information that question.

  • American Heart Association ( the program required by my nursing school) was $80 and took about 4 hours ( though they said it was an 8 hour training). Advanced Cardiac Lifesupport (ACLS) where they teach you to run a code was $225 and took 2 days.

  • Depends on where you live

  • Free at your local redcross! It is a very interesting thing to know.


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  • idk what the cost is. I took it at the red cross and it took 4 hours.

  • I live in CA and out here they cost beween $75 and $120. Because you can be CPR certified and not have any First-Aid training. I have certs for both and the classes we 2, 6 hour sessions. Look in your area because sometimes the Red Cross does it for discounts and even free.

  • where I live its about $50 at the YMCA

  • I've been CPR certified for a few years (for my job).

    I got my CPR cert online. Yeah, I know...but they did do a good job and I do know CPR.

    check them out...

    I think it was like $15.


  • different cost at different places. google places in your area and compare prices or find the free clinics