Sitting on a guy's lap ... do you mind it?

The other night I was over at the guy-I'm-seeing's house and we were going to watch a movie. His TV used to be in his bedroom and we would watch it on the bed, but he moved his TV down into his living room where he just has a recliner right now. I ended up sitting on his lap while we watched the movie--I didn't mind it, because I liked being close to him. Thing is, I'm not a small girl ... I'm not a leaf and I'm not an Olson twin ... and I felt bad for sitting on him for so long even though he asked me to. Once the movie was over I got up thinking he'd want to stretch his legs, but he didn't seemed to have minded me being there and looked a little confused about why I would have gotten up so quickly.

Guys, do you mind it when girls sit on your lap for an extended amount of time--like an hour and a half?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I like this sort of thing. If you get too heavy I'll let you know. Go for it! :)

    Seriously, it's very cute.