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Sitting on a guy's lap ... do you mind it?

The other night I was over at the guy-I'm-seeing's house and we were going to watch a movie. His TV used to be in his bedroom and we would watch it... Show More

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  • I like this sort of thing. If you get too heavy I'll let you know. Go for it! :)

    Seriously, it's very cute.

What Guys Said 7

  • She may sit in my lap as long as she wants. It makes no never mind to me.

  • i don't mind, just mind if the girl stays there after I request I got to get a drink or bathroom lol

  • Trust me, if he wanted you to get up he would have made some hints like perhaps trying to get you to scoot just a bit or even just saying "okay get off"

    I personally love it, the only time I didn't was when my friend sat on my lap and that's only cus she was super skinny and her ass bone was digging into my leg.

  • When massive conundrums like this one surface in your life, that could potentially keep you up at nights for weeks...no strike that...months on end...short circuit it ASAP.

    Turn off your brain.


    Yeah, that little voice in your head that makes up stuff all the time and gets louder the more you ignore it because the stuff you are hearing makes no sense... Turn that off.

    And, next time...just sit in his lap...no clock...no voice...just sit.

    If you find yourself sitting there enjoying it for weeks or months on end, let us know...if you want, otherwise just enjoy it. :)

  • Very cute and fun

  • I don't mind at all when a girl sits on my lap. I might not be physically attracted to her, but I still sometimes get an erection when she sits on my lap. The reason for this is because her anus or vagina is rubbing on my genitals, so... obviously that happens. My friends that are girls know that this might happen, even though we are just friends and they know I am not "Attracted" to them. The first time I popped a boner with them, they asked if I liked them as a friend or a girl friend. I gave them the truth and they are fine if I pop a boner while they are sitting on my lap... I could care less if they sit on my lap as long as they know we are just friends. Now, on the other hand, when my girlfriend sits on my lap, she is as hot as anything... so she knows I will get an erection, and she is perfectly fine with that. I made sure with her before anyone of my friends sat on my lap that it was okay if they sat on my lap.

What Girls Said 2

  • "Once the movie was over I got up thinking he'd want to stretch his legs, but he didn't seemed to have minded me being there and looked a little confused about why I would have gotten up so quickly."

    I think you've answered your own question here... He obviously likes having you sit on his lap!

  • It's all fun until you feel something poking your butt!

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