How do you test a guy to really know if he likes your or not?

the title pretty much says it all. I don't have a lot of dating experience, and I don't really know how much truth or myth there is behind how accurate or valid said "tests" are. but I guess there's no harm in trying. I just have no idea where to start.

what are some easy ways to test a guy to see if he really likes you?

what are some really good ways to test a guy to see if he really likes you?

either in your opinion or your personal experience, what's the best way to test a guy to see if he really likes you?


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  • The best thing to do to find it a guy really likes you is to simply talk to him(normal conversations work) and spend time around him. The best signs to look for are if he tries to be around you too or he talks a lot about you. Don't ever test guys though. We catch on rather fast and will be repulsed.

    • But that's not how girls see it. we only test guys we're interested in. if we're not bothering to test you, then you should be worried.

    • To put it blunt I don't like someone testing me. It makes me feel like I'm some kind of property to buy. Sort of like a sense of slavery.

    • Why would you be repulsed when you catch a girl testing you?

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  • girls doing stupid little "tests" to see if I like them is the biggest turn off ever... I can't stand that sh*t.

  • tests don't work, only experience does. Experience with that particular guy.

  • Don't. There are no tests. If he likes you, he'll make it known. If you try to test him you'll only end up disappointed, either because he didn't do what you wanted him to do or he found out and get mad. Bad idea all around.

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  • b careful with this. because if a guy is suspicious that you are testing him he wil do the exact opposite just 2 prove he won't b manipulated and controlled. in other words he wil act like he doesn't care even tho he really does because he wants 2 appear manly or in control insteada wussy and whipped. so sometimes when they do the exact opposite its because they really DO like you a lot and want ur respect and 2 know they are strong confident men. lol. but if a guy truly does care about you he will prove himself over time in his own ways on his own terms naturally. not on ur terms or under pressure and not necessarily in the way you want. that's wut makes it fun ;) you gota relax and let him show you on his own. it wil mean more anyway. and you gota b on the look out 4 the little things he does. if ur looking 4 something specific ul miss the little surprises that mean so much that were genuinely from his heart :)

    • Then it will became a power struggle and you won't get what you want... trust me a man who doesn't have authority is no good in relationship, and you will resent him for it

    • I don't think that's fair.

      If a guy wants a blowjob a certain way, you're saying if I do it differently than what he wants or what he likes, it means more? That makes no sense.

      I want him to do things a certain way. I want him to show me he loves me in a way that's meaningful and important to me. If he can't do that, how can you say he really cares about me?

      It's not always about HIM HIM HIM. It has to be about ME sometimes too. There's nothing wrong with me wanting that!

    • Bcuz he wants you 2 know that he cannot b CONTROLLED. if you could control him that would mean he was not a STRONG MAN and he cannot LEAD the relationship. he knows you would not respect him or wana b with him anymore. he wants 2 show you his love on HIS terms- trust me it will mean A LOT more. if you demand he love you on YOUR terms 1. he will resent u; 2. he wil prove he is a total wussy 3. ul doubt the sincerity of his love because you demanded it (it should b his free gift) 4. he wil think ur self-absorbed

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  • If he likes you he'll come to you. he wants to be the MAN.

    • This is what a guy said on a question I had that was similar.

    • Lol she's not looking for the nearest player to walk up.