My boyfriend doesn't go to college?

And it kind of p*sses me off! I'm going for my masters and he's almost 22 and hasn't ever started college or anything.. like wtf? These days you have to have some kind of degree to get a good job and he doesn't have a good job either! I don't know what to do! like he has to know all this already right? What do I do? What do I say to him? Like I support him and his decisions and all but first he has to be able to support himself.


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  • I don't know what the situation there is, but here you aren't even certain to get a job based on a degree alone... I studied maths and physics and found out that when I was to leave university under ten percent of people from my course would get a job, so I finished my year to get my grant money and dropped it to do engineering in the royal navy, which is a well paid job and I'd not have earned any more if I had a degree or not in this case, if I'd continued I'd have had a £20,000 debt and would only be in the same place. Could be different there, but if it bothers you, tell him... no point suffering in silence over it.


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  • I have a friend that has been working at Taco Bell since he was 15 or 16. He is almost 20 now and is a shift manager. I and several other friends have urged him to go to school, but he usually comes up with the excuse that he can't afford it. I told him that he can go to a community college and get pell grants. He would probably get to go for next to nothing.

    I really don't understand it, because the job he wants requires him to get a degree. I think college is just out of his comfort zone and is afraid to take a chance with it.


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  • You have higher standards in a partner and you should. That's not a bad thing. If he doesn't meet your standards it will never last. You want a man who can take care of you when the time comes. All women do even as much as we don't like to admit it. A smart man with goals and values is the kind of man you should marry. Don't waste time because life is so so short my friend. Find a man who will fill your cup in every way.