My boyfriend doesn't go to college?

And it kind of p*sses me off! I'm going for my masters and he's almost 22 and hasn't ever started college or anything.. like wtf? These days you have... Show More

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  • I don't know what the situation there is, but here you aren't even certain to get a job based on a degree alone... I studied maths and physics and found out that when I was to leave university under ten percent of people from my course would get a job, so I finished my year to get my grant money and dropped it to do engineering in the royal navy, which is a well paid job and I'd not have earned any more if I had a degree or not in this case, if I'd continued I'd have had a £20,000 debt and would only be in the same place. Could be different there, but if it bothers you, tell him... no point suffering in silence over it.