A Guy Who Doesn't Ask Questions?

I've been seeing this guy for about 4 months now. We are about 2 hours apart, different cities in the same state. Since his car isn't very reliable, I drive up to stay with him for the weekend about once every 2 weeks. Except one weekend he came down with his friends. Here are some stats:

Age: 25

Where we met: Xbox live (gaming community) while playing a video game

How long: We met that way over a year ago, kept in touch on Facebook, then texting later on

He had his heart broken so badly by a girl who left him for another guy.

Personality: Shy/quiet but easy going and nice/fun loving, but Not too detail oriented, can be forgetful about things

Emotions: He came out and told me that he loves me first in Dec. It felt very sincere, and I said I love you back. Tells me I'm beautiful every time we meet. We do love each other.

Sex: Great. Can't keep our hands off each other.

Friends: He lives with his high school buddy, and I was introduced to him and his girlfriend in the very beginning, and a bunch of others later. I introduced to my best friend and her boyfriend to him last weekend.

I'm 10 + years older then him, and he says it doesn't phase him. He changed his FB status to "in a relationship", that's I think because I'm on it. I found his Myspace page, and he is single there and has 4 times more people on it. I'm not on his Myspace.

I brought these things up that bothered me for a while and wanted to tell him how I felt, but not in a way of accusation.

1) On weekends he can't see me, he has to do something with his sisters, which I totally understand, family is #1, except, I never hear from him on those days, I've never seen him talk to them, and I haven't met them (I know they exist). When he got a text at 2am while I was there, he said it was his sister.

2) On the weekend he was here, we were at my best friend's house with some people. He was constantly on the phone texting or whatever. My best friend picked up on that too.

When I told him that, he said his roommate texted him asking what he was doing, and the voice mail he was checking was from his friend he drove down with asking him if we were joining them downtown. He only apologized about the sisters thing,

When I started telling him that there were things that I wanted to talk to him about, he said "about what? Did I do something wrong?". He had no clue that those things were bothering me. And he can understand how I felt and will pay more attention for sure. He said he is not seeing anyone else, only me.

Now, my question is, why does he not ask ME any questions? To me, this could mean 2 things. 1. He trusts me and doesn't want to ruin things by asking me questions or afraid to. 2. He doesn't care about me enough to ask. He doesn't show signs of jealousy at all. Is it a good thing? Should I ask about the sisters thing and Myspace status or should I let that go?

Thanks for your time!


Thanks for your comments! We had a long conversation last night. Turns out he always wonders what I'm doing on the weekend we are not together but didn't want to sound needy by asking me. He changed his Myspace status to "in a relationship".
Thanks Chris for holding my hand while I worked up my courage to ask what to say to the guy. LOL Anyway, I went to see the guy on Saturday, and he was happy to have me as always, and he suggested that I meet his sister so we can get to see each other.


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  • He's ten years younger than you. From his point of view, you're older and wiser and ought not to be bothered by his trifling questions. Or he's simply incurious. But I think you see this guy because you like him, not for the things that do or don't come out of his mouth. And besides, do you think yourself so interesting that questions are warranted? And if you were interesting, wouldn't it be better to keep certain things unknown? Mystery beats explication any day of the week.

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