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Anyone find a good job where your GPA for your degree was less than 3.0?

It's kind of depressing, it's been 2 years since I've graduated and all I've got is a part time job in my field. I haven't even gotten a raise. I... Show More

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  • I am about to finish my Bachelors degree. I suggest that you talk to a counsellor in the career center of your university and see if things can be worked out. If GPA is an issue and you have a BA or BSc, there are jobs out there with further training. I know that there are my peers who do not have a high GPA but my major is a difficult one, there is always the option to redo courses or to further train in something else with your Bachelors. for that, I suggest a career counsellor and researching the potential extension or application of the skills you have acquired through out your undergrad

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  • Nope, it's very very hard...if not impossible...especially in this economy. I know people who graduated with 4.0's and haven't been able to find jobs in their field.

  • go back to school and get a better gpa...i had a 3.7 and got a job right away because my professor hooked me up.

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  • I wouldn't stress that much, from what I have heard from counselors employers are looking at GPA a lot less nowadays. It's just a number and doesn't really tell that much. Think about how many students graduate each year. There is no way that GPA plays that much of a role. I have a 2.9, with one semester to go. I'm not too worried. In your case you've been out of college for 2 years, you should focus more on your work experience now. Employers don't really care what grade you got 2 years ago. They want to know what you've been doing recently.

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