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What does it mean when a girl texts you a lot of smily faces?

What does it mean when a girl texts you a lot of smily faces? is she interested?

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  • Could be. But I use a lot of smiley faces and it doesn't mean I like that person as more than just a friend

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  • Maybe. sometimes I do it when I like someone. Sometimes I just do it because it works with what's being said, or I'm just really happy. so it's hard to say.

  • 1. she is happy and in a good mood, 2. she really likes you 3.just beacsue a girl sends you smily faces does not mean she likes you.4. she wants to make a good inpression5. she wants you to talk to her Thats all I came up with, I hope this helped, good luck :):):)

  • most probably yes I can only tell you too things that I can see... she likes you and wants you to make the first move orrr she's doing it cuase she feels sorry for you and wants to be your friend... I'm not being rude or anything that's just what I do.

  • usually I'm jsut trying to make wut I'm saying sound not tense or rude

  • doesn't necessarily mean she's interested lol because I always text guys smiley faces but doesn't mean I like them.

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