Where can I find a nice notebook or journal to write guitar music and lyrics in?

I'm looking for a gift for a special friend. He plays guitar and writes a lot of his own music. But he doesn't have a nice notebook to write his music in. I was looking for something, possibly leather bound, not too big or bulky, and something that he can write lyrics and the guitar music. If anyone has any suggestions for stores or websites I can visit, please help. I honestly don't know where I can find any of this...if it even exists.

Oh and also for some nice picks...he uses soft ones. That's about all I know, that they are soft, so he doesn't mess up the strings I guess. lol

I've checked out normal bookstores and the do have journals. But I am looking for something that already has lines for the music...I think its called guitar tabs(but not really sure) and a section for the lyrics.


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  • Office supply stores should have what you need.


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  • Check barnes and noble


    they have really cute journals

    There are some on amazon too


    • Here are some that are lined from amazon



    • Thanks I'll check them out!!!