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Is he just playing with my feelings?

I met a guy his name is Paulo. He is a varsity player here in the Philippines in one of the popular university here. I saw him at the television and... Show More

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  • why did you tell him that? are you trying to make him jealous? I would be mad too.

    • I just told him that cause I know we're friends.. And I didn't really expect that he's going to react that way..cause in the first place he's not even my boyfriend.

What Guys Said 2

  • He is the jealous type, possessive or controlling, he might have hopes for a possible relationship...

What Girls Said 1

  • of course if the guy likes you and finds out you kissed someone else he would feel jealous about it. he seems to want to be with you.. and he seems to be trying to control you to be with him by making you feel guilty if you don't..if you like your friend that kissed you , you should stop talking to this guy..by talking to him your leading him on in thinking that you are his...

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