Is he just playing with my feelings?

I met a guy his name is Paulo. He is a varsity player here in the Philippines in one of the popular university here. I saw him at the television and I was really amazed on how he play and he even look really good in television. Because he play really good. I look for him over the internet I even tried to add him on my Facebook account that day I saw him on television. The next day I was really shock cause I thought that he will not add me as a friend he even left a personal message saying "hi" I was really shock that day cause I wasn't expecting that he'll accept me as a friend. When I tried to look if he is online he was I tried to send him a message saying "Hi! thanks for adding me" he replied "no problem" Then I try to ask him if we can be friends he replied yes and give me his cellphone number even though I'm not asking for it. I was getting excited cause he is really and something. That night we texted and the next day we started to tell stories and tell each other what we are doing and even tell sweet nothings to each other he's sweet to me even though we haven't seen each other in personal. I know that I like him cause every time he's not texting me I'm missing him. But sad to say I'm in love with my other friend. One night asked him "Am I special to you?" he answered "of course you are" and then I ask him "Why am I special to you?" he answered "I can't explain all I know is that I don't want you to be with someone else" And then I asked him "I can't understand.. Your not even my boyfriend" he answered "Maybe there is a special connection between us. Or maybe were meant to be together". That night I think about what he said to me I remembered my friend whom I'm in love with. The next day we texted each other again the whole day tell what we've been doing. That night while we're texting he was telling me something I told him that my guy friend kiss me. And then he start to get angry it's like he's jealous of the guy he told me "Did you like it? It looks like your happy with this guy" he said I told him "No! I didn't know that he's going to kiss me he just told me that he's going to whisper something to me and then he kissed me" and then he said "you like it?" I answered "Of course not" and then he said "We haven't even seen each other and look what your doing already?" I was shock on how he reacted I can't seem to understand him why did he get mad at me.. Is this guy for real? Is he just playing with me? or Does he has feeling for me? --this are the questions that run in my mind that night. so I said that I was sorry about it even though I don't know why I'm saying sorry to him. He even told me that "Its OK but I want it to be and only me".. I just can't understand him because he's not even my boyfriend please help me out..


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  • why did you tell him that? are you trying to make him jealous? I would be mad too.

    • I just told him that cause I know we're friends.. And I didn't really expect that he's going to react that way..cause in the first place he's not even my boyfriend.

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  • He is the jealous type, possessive or controlling, he might have hopes for a possible relationship...


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  • of course if the guy likes you and finds out you kissed someone else he would feel jealous about it. he seems to want to be with you.. and he seems to be trying to control you to be with him by making you feel guilty if you don't..if you like your friend that kissed you , you should stop talking to this talking to him your leading him on in thinking that you are his...