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Pics of My Feet?

Okay this guy friend of mine had a few different pics of my feet on his cell (I know they were mine because of they were taken of my senior pics on... Show More

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  • I have a love for female feet. I don't call it a fetish because a fetish implies you can only get off when a certain element not typically associated with sex is present. That is not my case. While I have incorporated feet into my sexual acts, there have been girls who weren't into it and so I respected that.

    Now I personally do have photos of some of my female friends' feet. But my friends know about them and are ok with me having them. I am an artist and have asked a couple of them to model for me and I have drawn their feet. The benefit they receive from this is they know where to go to get an amazing foot massage (a couple of them take full advantage of this).

    Are you bothered by your friend having these pictures on his phone because you're self-conscious about what your feet look like? Or are you just bothered because he has them and you didn't give him permission? I'm going to say they're most likely on his phone because he likes your feet. Does that bother you? If it does you might want to ask if he'll delete the photos. I may be biased, but I say take it as a compliment... unless he's being creepy about it, in which case be assertive and let him know how you feel.

    • I'm mainly asking because it made me feel really self-conscious about my feet, because they're not the perfect feet haha. I felt like it was a joke :( It wouldn't really bother me if I knew the truth. Maybe a little weird but okay. He kept repeating that he'd never do anything to hurt me (we're friends, about 2-3 years) but then today he said he would go after me if he didn't have a girlfriend. So he must like me. My feet look a lot like Lauren Conrads. Can you take a look at a pic & tell me....

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  • maybe he has a foot fetish.

    • A foot fetish?

    • Yeah he is sexually aroused by feet. It's actually very common. Google it.

  • Hello Anonymous,

    A quick side note. I love your work in the hacking world. It is good to know someone can stick it to the FBI! Anywho, on to your worldly cares. So you are self-conscious of your feet? I understand being self-conscious. I am the kind of person that, if someone compliments me on something, I immediately think of all the things that are wrong with whatever that person just complimented me on.

    For example, if someone says they like my smile, I immediately think of everything that is wrong with my teeth. I don't believe they are being sincere. I become self-conscious.

    Dear Anonymous, you must trust that whoever took the pictures, this person definitely finds you and your feet attractive. Congratulations! You should totally play that up! Start wearing nice shoes, start flaunting your feet and legs. Have fun with it and be proud!

    Please understand that your friend was certainly not making fun of you. I can promise you that. Guys don't keep pictures of things they don't like or find attractive. Guys are very much visual creatures, visuals really affect us in powerful ways. Take comfort in the fact that you were not being mocked, you were honestly being celebrated.

    Your Foot Friend,
    Will JailBird Jayroe

  • Maybe he has a bit of a fascination with feet and is embarrassed about it. He might think your feet are great.

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  • Unless you have awful feet that you think he would be making fun of, he probably has a foot fetish. It's when a guy derives sexual pleasure by looking at or playing with feet. I realize it sounds far-out but it is out there. Google it.

    • My feet aren't the worst out there. My 2nd & 3rd toes are just a little longer then my big toe. I have tiny feet, 6.5. I've noticed a lot of girls have toes like mine. Even celebs do. My feet kinda look like Victoria Beckams, just without the bulge on the side from her heels!

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    • Take that back. They're more like Lauren Conrads...I was just looking at VB's at a certain angle. LC has the same toes as me!!

    • 1mo

      lauren conrad's feet are pretty hot. id suck her toes

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