What does it mean when a guy touches a girl's shoulders more than once?

when a guy touches a woman shoulders more than once?


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  • I read somewhere that it means they subconsciously wish they were touching your breast. But who knows. lol I would take it as a positive sign of interest though.

    • Savvyg11 I NEVER thought it that way, I'll keep that in mind lol I don't think he's the type.

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  • I can't speak for all guys, but I know that for me, when I touch a girl, I'm interested in her. I can't really remember ever touching any of my female friends deliberately like that, but if I am interested in a girl, I will definitely go for the ol' shoulder/arm touch.

    • I agree with you I can't remember him touching any female friends either, but I know why because none of them that I know of is interested in him thank you for answering my question it's been racking my brain for couple of months now lol.

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  • It could mean something or nothing...I know, helpful aren't I :-)...I'm a pretty touchy person but by the time I am that way I have some sort of affection for them but it doesn't necessarily means it's romantic...Though I've learned that many people can take it that way; and have had to learn how to read that in people. Watch what he does with other people...What are the other signs, eye contact, pressure of touch, body position, does he squeeze or touch? I think that by watching him you can learn a great deal. Best of luck. Cheers!

    • Well men are difficult to read because they don't express themselves verbaly like us woman do when we like or interested in them.as a matter of fact he did look at me like he's serious or thinking and his body was position on the side of my stomach when he was talking to my mother. I guess that would be my next question lol.