He is going to a wedding without me

I have been together with my boyfriend for almost 8 months now. On this weekend he will be going to a friend's wedding and did not ask me to go with him. Does that mean he is not serious with me or he does not want to show me to his friends? Or is he going there to hit on other girls?

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To be honest, I won't talk to him about that, since he will think I am needy, clingy or insecure. But I guess I an going to do the same thing to him, which means going to a party without so he can understand better how it hurts.
I mean honestly, he is the one who does not want me to go out without him and since I did not want to hurt him I did not go to parties without him. Now he is doing it. Sometimes I don't understand guys.
Ok, one thing I did not mention is that he actually knows 3 or 4 people on the wedding. Could that be one reason? I mean that he feels uncomfortable?


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  • I would suggest for you to just be honest with him and talk to him about it. I been dating my boyfriend for 8 months too and he takes me almost everywhere. Mabe is because he wants it to be a him thing. I don't know they are times my boyfriend would go out with his friend and me stay home. It could be that he don't want you to feel weird. So is something I would just talk with calmly. Don't think is anyhing bad becsuse then that is all you will be thinking about.

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      Thank you for the nice answer, it helps me a lot.