Married coworker ... more than flirting?

I want to know if we're too close for comfort, are we flirting? Or something more... I've been working for the company for almost a year now. We've always had a good friendship. In the beginning I took it as him being a nice guy. We work on the same team seeing each other everyday. The last few... Show More

He's always makes comments like, I love to see you laugh or making you laugh makes my day.

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  • Hiya :o)

    The very fact that you're asking us probably means that something in your feelings tells you it may be heading in the wrong direction, even if its just for him. You've got to trust your instincts here.

    It could of course be that he just see's you as a very good friend and co worker, but the fact that he has said 'you know too much about my life already' and the comments about liking to see you laugh etc to ME (just my opinion based on what I am reading) that he is implying an intimacy ...which could mean in a friendly way.

    He probably values the time you have and the fact that he can talk to you, but is probably also flattered and maybe a little confused by his seemingly very close friendship with a younger female.

    Ask more about his wife, and if he talks to her in this manner. If you really want to keep this as just a friendship and don't want to risk over stepping the friendship mark, involve her, let him know how aware you are of her existance.

    Hope things work out good for you :o)