Why do guys like belly buttons so much?

Every guy I've been with loves my bellybutton... kind of strange, in my opinion. Why do guys like them so much?

Thanks everyone for your comments!


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  • I personally have no interest whatsoever in belly buttons, and, in fact, if I should find a woman without one, I'd marry her on the spot. I'm am, however, fascinated by a womans inner ear. Perhaps you'd better stick with what you got.


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  • lol I don't really know, but I guess you can say they are like a third nipple, and if you have a really sexy stomach then ur belly button would be the best part because its like in the middle and yeah its hard to describe

  • When I think about it, it is difficult to explain why, but OMG ! Sexy belly buttons on a toned tummy drive me wild and I can look at them forever. I particularly like the neat ones. The wider and more open they are, the lesser attractive they look.

  • cause we enjoy pushing your buttons...

  • I could write a wholeeee essay about this topic lol message me when you can :)

  • yeah i too love my belly button so much, i was 16 when i stick and poke my belly button with different sharp objects one day when i poke my belly button with much more force there is a unique sensation i feel in my whole body and after 5 sec my sperms shot out of my penis. now i'm 26 and unmarried and i masterbate through this unique way. it's mucher more better than masterbate with hands...

  • Well it ain't all guys that like them, because I find them to be turn off. Not sure what the ones who do like them see in it.

  • i have no idea. I actually don't think it would be accurate to say 'guys like bellybuttons'. I'm actually slightly bothered by them, but maybe I'm different.

    • I don't even see how people can touch theirs. I can't touch mine, I hate the feeling. Even more so when someone else touches mine.

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    • It's where the umbilical cord attaches on the baby's body before it's born. it's basically how a fetus eats and breathes while it's still in the womb.

    • Okay, I knew that but why does it have to indent on the outter stomach? I don't know. Makes no sense to me but I figure there is a reason.

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