How to tell if he's just being friendly or likes me more than just a friend?

There is a guy I just recently met he is outgoing and the flirty type. So he is not shy around women. I am the opposite I am shy and not the flirty type. We talked when we first met never really thought nothing more than just talked like friends do. Then his behavior changed around me he no longer... Show More

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  • He is shy around you because he has a huge crush. That is so obvious! How many more signs do you need?

    Being in love makes a difference. Carefree flirting is easy and safe - nothing will actually happen. When you are in love the stakes are raised, you are vulnerable, have something to lose.

    Don't test him. It makes you feel bad anyway - because you know you shouldn't and the results are never what you expect - and you confuse him with that behaviour. If you like him, just be nice to him. Ease up. Talk to him. Give him the opportunity to come to you, lead him the way.

    He is more at ease when he's alone with you because that is what he wants to do. And when you are alone with the girl you like you have more control over the situation which makes you feel more comfortable. In a group of people there's so much happening and people interacting also with you and he might fear that others notice his interest in you and make a fool of him or he might fear of being rejected publicly. It's normal.

    Especially if you are the shy type, he'll kow or feel or think that you have to be addressed in another way than all in the open. I wouldn't flirt publicly with a shy girl in a group, I would presume she would not like that at all. I'd try to get her attention, and if I felt secure enough, I'd try to do what your guy is doing: make her feel safe. Really, would you like to be flirted at publicly? Also shy types do usually not give much response to what you are doing, because, well, they are shy and act shy. That can make you feel very insecure when you approach a shy girl, because you get not that much feedback. It can be plain scary and it takes a lot of self confidence or guts.

    Hope this helps.