How to tell if your teacher likes you?

He is in his 20's, like 25-28. At first, he was not interested in me at all. But since this semester, his behavior towards me has changed a lot. This is because he noticed that I have matured since I don't bother him anymore, neither talk loudly while he's speaking and I now pay attention to what... Show More

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  • Hmmm. okay, so since I'm not there to witness it myself, I can't say if he's actually interested in your or not, you may just be a very cool student to him, or maybe you remind him of someone. but regardless, even if he WAS interested, he cannot ask you out. the law prevents it. he could get in very serious trouble, mainly because he is OVER 18 and you are a minor. once you turn 18, it's game on, but until then, it's illegal for anyone over the age of 18 to date anyone under the age of 18.

    i'm not intending to sound like I'm condemning you at all, but you're a young teen, you may very well be mature for your age, but you are still nonetheless a young teenager, and he is an older man. it's not like he's 19 and just becoming a man. he's in his late 20's. he's experienced A LOT in those years. you're only 15. there's no way that you're ready for what he's ready for, you get where I'm going with this? I know there's a lot of couples who are older and have a big age gap, but they all have one thing in common, they're grown-ups. in teen years you're still growing, no matter how old you feel (trust me), you're still growing and changing, you don't need to involve yourself with an older man ;)

    please heed my advice, if you try to start a relationship, he most likely will not allow it to happen for various reason (moral, guilty conscious, legal, ETC). and you'll feel hurt and it'll make everything very awkward. and if he DOES, trust me, he get fired and/or very BIG serious trouble, and/or you'll end up hurt and so very confused. trust me on this one. nothing good would come from a relationship flourishing right now ;) Enjoy being young, you have so much time to experience boys :)