How to tell if your teacher likes you?

He is in his 20's, like 25-28.

At first, he was not interested in me at all. But since this semester, his behavior towards me has changed a lot. This is because he noticed that I have matured since I don't bother him anymore, neither talk loudly while he's speaking and I now pay attention to what he says. Also, I have improve the quality of my work. But whatever, the thing is that now he's flirting. He started by talking more to me, mentioning my name in class more, and smiling to me while looking me in the eye. Then, he started touching my arm and back whenever he got an opportunity. I also noticed him staring at me throughout the whole period, and whenever I looked at him, he would look somewhere else pretending he wasn't looking at me. Also, he always tries to sit next to me when we do any class activity. He "accidentally" rubs his fingers against mine every time he checks my papers. He leans closer to me when he sits next to me. Currently, he is not staring at me anymore thought the class, but now we look at each others eyes for like 2 or 3 seconds for like 8 times each class. But then, he gets nervous and breaks eye contact. Then, the other day he grab my arm and lightly squeezed it. I notice that he is currently getting nervous with me, like for example he used to smiled and looked me in the eye when we talked but he looks at my eyes for some seconds and then looks away. Finally, he tries that I stay after everyone has leaved, in order to stay alone. Like he makes lame excuses so we can talk more alone.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, he compliments me whenever I get a hair cut telling me "nice haircut" or "i like it".


does he like me?

if likes me, why doesn't he ask me out?

should I ask him out?


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  • Hmmm. okay, so since I'm not there to witness it myself, I can't say if he's actually interested in your or not, you may just be a very cool student to him, or maybe you remind him of someone. but regardless, even if he WAS interested, he cannot ask you out. the law prevents it. he could get in very serious trouble, mainly because he is OVER 18 and you are a minor. once you turn 18, it's game on, but until then, it's illegal for anyone over the age of 18 to date anyone under the age of 18.

    i'm not intending to sound like I'm condemning you at all, but you're a young teen, you may very well be mature for your age, but you are still nonetheless a young teenager, and he is an older man. it's not like he's 19 and just becoming a man. he's in his late 20's. he's experienced A LOT in those years. you're only 15. there's no way that you're ready for what he's ready for, you get where I'm going with this? I know there's a lot of couples who are older and have a big age gap, but they all have one thing in common, they're grown-ups. in teen years you're still growing, no matter how old you feel (trust me), you're still growing and changing, you don't need to involve yourself with an older man ;)

    please heed my advice, if you try to start a relationship, he most likely will not allow it to happen for various reason (moral, guilty conscious, legal, ETC). and you'll feel hurt and it'll make everything very awkward. and if he DOES, trust me, he get fired and/or very BIG serious trouble, and/or you'll end up hurt and so very confused. trust me on this one. nothing good would come from a relationship flourishing right now ;) Enjoy being young, you have so much time to experience boys :)


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  • (to all of the above).

    You are 15 and he is in his mid to late 20's. I think that is enough said.

  • i smell a creeper. lol.

  • I am an education major and I am telling you that there is a very slim possibility that he is flirting with you and if he likes you it is just professional not in a romanticized way at all. You should go to school and be a good kid and not think about a relationship with him or think about asking him out. You are way to young for him at 15 you should be looking at boys around your age maybe up to 18 years old. I think you are over analyzing the whole situation.

  • Yeah, I would be very careful with this thing because you could be playing with fire. For a teacher to ask a student of your age out, he would definitely get fired, lose his job and respect in the school and community and probably not be allowed to teach again anywhere else. By the way you described the situation, it sounds like he has some type of attraction to you, but if he does not ask you out, it's probably because he knows better than to ask someone of your age out because his job and entire career would be in jeopardy. If you truly like him and care about him, you will not attempt to get him to ask you out or do anything with you because if anyone finds out, you will end up ruining his entire career and it will not be worth it for a crush! You need to stop and think and not just think about how you feel about him and how much you like him and want him to like you because this is something that's very serious. You are allowed to like him, and he is allowed to like you, but if either of you act on this, he could lose his job and end up hating you in the end. Things like this never end well and both parties end up regretting their actions in the long run. Personally, I would find someone else who is under 18 to be attracted to because as long as you're under 18, you're considered, "Jail Bait" for anyone over 18 years old.

  • I'd say all the laws there are against this sort of thing. you should probably not do anything about it.

    Maybe if you have block scheduling. make sure you never get a class with him again. get another teacher.

    You can wait until your 18 and see if he's still interested.

    If you continue like this and someone finds out that something is happening. he could get fired and you could get expelled.

    so. look at all the cards. also see if your not the only one he's paying attention too.

    that's about all I have.

  • You being underage, school policy and the United State's laws would be the reason he is not asking you out. If I were you I would see where else he has been looking around the room or during other class periods. You are not the only female out of all his classes. The more you get into this the more likely you will get him fired and you thrown out of that school. Stop thinking that you have a chance with him, odds are you will only break your own heart. Oh yeah and he most likely is seeing someone closer to his age group. Think about everything before you act.


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  • It's called statutory rape and if anyone found out he could be in really big trouble. I had a huge crush on my math teacher and like you he favored me and we would always talk but some people decided to tell the principle and we couldn't talk anymore. Nothing happened but a lot of people said otherwise and it made things awkward between us and nothing was ever the same again. You have a crush on him and that's fine but once you cross the line you are stepping into dangerous territory that will ultimately hurt the both of you and the last thing you need is people spreading rumors about you. Just be his student and if anything happens on his part then be ready to accept the consequences.

    • Wow this is the same way I feel only four times more. I'm a Junior in high school whose favorite subject is MATH. I started crushing on my freshman Algebra teacher who is 34 currently, married and has an 8 mth old baby. For Geometry I had two teachers one is 38, married and has a 6yr old. The other Geometry teacher just turned 25 and is just married. And for AlgebraII he is 27 and had s fianc?e. Sucks even more because they are all my ideal men; tall, light brown/blond hair & blue eyes.

  • Wait until you turn 18 and see if he's still interested.

    I've had him since I was 14, ok? Although at that time it was just friends and PURELY platonic. now we're flirting a little heavy and he acts all nervous and cute! But most of all, you HAVE to be responsible (and understand he has more to deal with) by waiting. Could it really hurt to wait? It'll also give you time to think about if you really want him.

    PM me if you want to add any details :)

  • Leave him alone. His career could be ruined by something like this and he could end up in jail. He may be attracted to you but hopefully niether of you take this to the next level. It's dangerous territory.

  • Why doesn't he ask you out? Are you serious?!

    Because he could get fired and go to jail maybe! Or maybe he just has morals!

    Or maybe you're misreading him. Does he not act like this with anyone else? Maybe his fingers really ARE accidentally brushing yours.

    No matter what, your best option is to leave this one alone.

  • no! don't even try on asking him out and do not flirt back if he does this again. if you do, it would make him feel that you are entertaining him and is considering him as a mate. he's not asking you out no matter how much you like him because he knows that it is not legal. maybe, if you really really like each other, you both should wait after you have graduated from this school and reached the adult age.

  • Aww. crushing on the teacher- yup. been through that- unfortunately like the others have stated reality is you are not old enough to do anything but crush on him- and he, even if he did like you cannot do anything unless he wants a free ticket to prison- I know that doesn't make the feelings go away, but I would recommend finding a guy who is equally as cute and flirtatious and who is close to your age- that way you can still have a cute guy who is legally able to like you back :O) and act on it!

  • he would be in major trouble if the two of you got involved. not only because he's your teacher, so it's illegal, but also because you're 15 and he's in his mid to late 20s which is SUPER ILLEGAL.

    how much can you have in common with him being 15? by the time you're his age that kind of age difference with someone older is practically nothing, but right now its extremely significant.

    throughout highschool there will be teachers who will be your friends and you may joke around with them, sometimes even inappropriately, but you need to be able to tell when a teacher is interested in more than just friends and then it's time to get away.

  • First, no. You shouldn't as him out. Secondly, if he asked you out he would get fired and probably get sent to jail because you're underage.

    My opinion, maybe try to get over it.. or wait until you're 18 and see if he's interested then.

    ..I have the same problem with my English teacher. He's in his late 20's and I'm 17. Pretty sure it's only one sided though for me, even if he seems to do random things.

  • He deffitnley likes you. you better watch out unless you want to get raped hun. Believe me I've ignored signs like that and the results were I got rapped and pregnant by him, it will be best for everyone if you tell him he's making you feel uncomfortable with the starring arm touching compliments and sitting or leaning in to close. He will have to stop or he will lose his job. Once he finds out you know he will stop because he knows if you don't you'll tell a teacher principle adult or even the police and he doesn't want that. So just talk to him and ask to stop what he's doing because its making you uncomfortable because if he likes you he doesn't want you to feel uncomfortable. now you don't want to end up like that girl in prom night lol so solve the problem now.

  • im 14 I have a teacher like that I think he likes me when I'm doing my work

    he is always looking at me I don`t no what he is looking at some I think my makeup is wrong

    or I have somethink on my face I just wish I could read his mind to find out what he is looking at

    and he is in his 20s

  • I think he likes you I have very personal experience with this (a females instict is usually right as I was proven right in my situation). Whatever the case do not return his advances and make sure nothing transpires between you two. If you get too uncomfortable inform an adult you can confide in such as your school's counselor. I hope you two don't get involved together cause many times being with an older guy can seem fun initially but usually ends up painful for both parties particularly the younger one. I wish I could go into the details of why (but while it does not involve sex I don't think you'll understand). To cut the long story short do not pursue or entertain such a relationship because you'll be taken advantage of emotionally and end up scared emotionally. Something that takes years to undo. I'm a very liberal person so trust me when I say don't entertain a particular gesture it's because its cost far outweighs its benefits. I know it can be fun to flirt with an older gut especially if he's in an authorative position such as a teacher but you definately need to be careful. If you want to remain whole emotionally its something you should stay away from. Take care

  • I think he does like you a lot! But you said he's a teacher, your teacher , so maybe he got nervous because he thought someone, like his boss, might fire him for having a relationship with a student.

  • Omg. This situation seems like he actually does like you, but I do not think that you should ask him out . Let him come to you !

    I am similar situation , It seems weird I no. But I'm quite confused myself ? :S

    I was in class's one day and there was a school trip to Blackwell court in (Birmingham) And the teacher asked me whether I wanted to go ? I said yes I would love to go But I will ask my Parents first, He said don't worry about that I'll get that done for you. So he asks me what my Dads number is I look at my phone and look back at him and he is staring deep into my eyes. I were a bit freaked out . But anyway, we went on the trip the following day an he was being really chatty an close up with me. There was a few activity's where he helped me more than any students infact he didn't help any1 else but me ! That was a little bit freaky. There was a point where he gave me a leg up over a wall. What teacher helps a student do that ? We had a campfire that night and I was feeling a little cold so he offers me his jacket but I said no ! While we were at the Campfire we had marshmallows and we had to use twigs to put the marshmallow on, He said to me come over here there our same wigs so I followed him and then he gave me the twig but he peeled it so it were nice and clean before he gave it me. Do teachers do that. Anyway the following night many of the other students were in there rooms an me and my friend were going to the boys dorm . (As you do) Lol. And he was infront of me I turned around my friend weren't there so I just pretended to go to the toilet, I came out then he were still there and he said goodnight and smiled & winked a me.

    When we were on the coach on the way back he came and sat Next to me an one of my boy mates he sat awfully close to me ! And since then when I'm at school it seems wherever I am here is near that area (Kind of.) Also he is always saying hiya or hello to me when he sees me and winks ... What does this mean or am I just looking to much into it ? - I also think I am actually starting to like him.

    What do I do ?X

  • girl you are lucky. that's all I can say, I like this guy teacher in my school but I think he hates me because he used to say hi to me and now he doesnt. what's it mean if me and him are walking towards each other to get to different places and he looks at me then I look at him and he looks down then he looks back at me and I look down then I look back at him and he looks down and we walk by each other? does it mean anything. and I see him staring at me a lot. but now he won't even look at me when I look at him . so I think he hates me :( and I'm like all depressed over it. your lucky, I would def say he likes you, if you like him, show him , but don't be to obvious, this might sound ghetto but drop your books and papers in front of hhim and see if he helps pick it up. start chatting with him and be kinda close to his face and see if anything happends. oooh and one more thing. is he married? the guy I like is and it makes me even more depressed. I'm 15 and he's like 39 or older :( love sucs. answer me back on this please. get at me on to tell me what you think

  • Why doesn't he ask me out is a stupid question your only 15 he would get fired and possible put in prison which lets face it for a school girl isn't worth it

    On the other hand it dies seem that he has formed some kind of attachment towards you but you have to question the motives behind it. You said that you have started working harder so maybe he now feels you are worthy of his attention and when you have a crush it is really easy to over analyze small things like the brushing of hands

    I suggest you wait see how it develops and take a particular interest in his behaviour towards other students and if it is still only aimed at you and you reach the legal age of requirement (18!) then act upon your feelings but in 3 years time things may be awfully different