Do he like me for me or for the money?

i am in love wit this one man and I just want to know do he love me because he ask me for money just to ask me he don't have to pay no bills or he just ask me because he wants the cash but when he is around his friends he never turns me down no matter who he is around and he calls me every night and morning so can he be really in love wit me. SOME ONE PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND


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  • well he might help you, but I should warn you, a guy is usually to be responsible for his financial issues, no matter how bad he is, he doesn't seem like a poor person or an incapable person to work so he should NEVER ask you for money/cash or whatever you like to call it ( notice the capitalized never) its a keyword here hunny

    i would never accept giving my money to a guy whether I love him or he loves me ,because a balanced relationship should be based on equal giving and taking, and I think your giving more than your taking, today he's asking for cash tomorrow he might push for more.

    i hate to tell you that but you need to talk to him and make him explain to you why does he rely on you to get "the cash" why doesn't he ask any of his parents ,his friends, or actually better GET A JOB!

    a normal guy would feel soo embarrassed to ask his girl for money, because he's the one responsible for her!

    thats what I think, I'm sorry you might not like it but that's my humble opinion.


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  • if he's taking money frequently then chances are money has a lot to do with it. if he loved you he'd show you off to the friends but understand that he needs his space as well so don't try to pick apart every move he does. on the other hand any guy that asks for money is quite a bum

  • YOU ARE GETTING USED! Wake up and smell the jerk. Do you honestly think that's the kind of guy you deserve?


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  • I think he is using you for money.

    I don't mean to sound mean or anything, but I have a cousin whose Boyfriend did the same thing your Boyfriend is doing. And it was hard for her to believe me because he showed her that he loved her. He couldn't afford to call so she called most of the time, and they would text alot. They would also go out and stuff. They would talk for hours. He seemed soooo in love.

    I began to doubt my theory at one point. . but as soon as he found his first paying job.

    he left her.

    And started going out with another chick.

  • The balance of that relationship is ALL WRONG sweetie! You should not be taking care of a man like that you ain't his mama! Why do you feel the need to do everything for a guy and get nothing in return? That's not your job. If he can't pay his own bills then that's his problem. He shouldn't be dating anyone if he's broke anyway! You have a high potential to be used, so stop giving him money and taking care of him and see if he still treats you the same.