HELP. CRAZY BITCH ALERT. What should I do? Please read - I know it's kinda long..

Okay so my boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years. We hit a rough patch. in December of 09 we decided to break up and during those few weeks I went out with 2 other guys, but I didn't have sex with either of these guys. Me and my boyfriend decided to get back together. I was honest with him and told him what happened, he was upset but we decided to work through it. I thought things started to get better and all of a sudden things plummeted.We decided again to break up at the end of march. I didn't think much of it, I thought we would get back together. After a few weeks of being apart I really missed him. So I decided to go to his house. I went up there and he cooked me dinner and we had a good night. Then I called him the next night on the phone and he said he didn't wanna be together. He said he needed to work on himself. Well I left him alone for about 10 days and I really missed him so I decided to call him, He started telling me how much he missed me and he told me he loved me. Then the bomb came, he slept with another girl. MENTION : we took each others virginities. We decided to work things out ad I know I made a mistake earlier by going with other men, and he did too so we needed to work things out because we really love each other. He texted this girl and told her. Then she friend requests me on Facebook, I DENY, she friend requests me AGAIN. I delete my Facebook.My boyfriend deleted his too because she was messaging him saying oh I knew I was the rebound a, but I wanna be your friend. So we had to delete them. She now calls at work and she even followed us in her car. The weirdest thing is she is a BIG WHORE and she has like 7 guys.My boyfriend wants this bitch to disappear and he keeps stressing how sorry he is for all this. I just wanna know what I should do in this situation she starting sh*t with me and my friends and saying stupid sh*t. I have been ignoring it so far , should I keep ignoring it and let it pass or say something to her?


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  • Well it depends on how long she's been doing this for. If she doesn't stop get a restraning order on her or something cause it sounds like a crazy girl to me don't let it just lass she's ruining your future with your boyfriend. You both don't need anymore issues in your relationship so get rid of the girl because what she's doing is going to far.

  • Girl, she is a crazy bitch. You are doing the smartest thing by ignoring her. If you start talking to her do not expect anything but TROUBLE. What you need to do is get you numbers, e-mails, IMs, all of that blocked, both you and your guy. If you she comes to your home, God forbid, call the police, but I highly doubt. The key to getting rid of her is not talking to her in any way. If she tries to get to you, get someone else to intervene, like I said the police, but luckily it doesn't sound that serious.