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Why do women say they have boyfriend when they don't?

they have been women who say they have a boyfriend whether you hitting them or not. for example a girl will reject you and say she has BF, or you are... Show More

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  • I think women who do that think that saying this will make them more desirable kinda like the whole forbidden fruit thing. Or they just want to put off the appearance that they can get a man. Either way its wrong to lie like that but I guess I can understand where they are coming from. Maybe they have a low self-esteem. I don't know. haha. I hope that helped you a bit. Or like others said she might not be interested.

What Girls Said 13

  • she`s either not in the mood or not interested

    take your pick...

  • ok well she either may not be attracted. or she wants to see if you really want her if you still have the guts to go on even if she suposably have a bf.

    • So its test to see how far you will go??

    • Yes it is. but keep in mind sometimes they just may not b intrested

  • we are playing hard to get to see hoe far you would go.

    For example: about 5 guys that like me will say I will do anything just to be with you so I say no sorry I cnt becoz I have a boyfriend and they they keep saying thing then I finally give in

  • she isn't interested and wants you to go away.

    • Lmfao! Obviously, think one would understand that.

  • The girl probably isn't interested.

    Or she could with out with friends and just wants to have fun and not be hit on. I've had that before when I went out with my friends. I told the guys I had a bf.

  • It's the quickest and most painless way to stop talking to guy you're not interested in.

  • I do that when a guy is hitting on me and I want him to stop cause I'm definitely not interested, like I NEVER want to be with him.

  • no she's basically saying she's not into you get away.. I bet you you hit on a lot of lesbians to huh

  • they probably aren't interested. I've never said it, but I understand why some girls would.

  • I usually only pull out the 'i have a boyfriend' defense in 3 instances

    1. I actually have a boyfriend

    2. I'm not interested in the guy who is hitting on me and its an easy way to reject someone without being mean


    3. if I'm out with my girls and I'm just out to have fun and don't wanna be hit on and just wanna have fun.

    • Totally agreed

  • I would tell a guy that I have a boyfriend if I am not attracted to him and don't want to hurt his feeling or don't want to come of as a b!tch.

    • How does that make you bitch, just be honest is that hard to do. there is a polite way of saying NO. you don't have to be rude

      and what if the guy finds out you don't have and face him, what you going to do??

    • This happened to me. I was at a party and approached a group of girls and asked if any of them liked to dance and they all immediately responded that they had boyfriends, which immediately made them come off as a b!tch to me since I knew they were just blowing me off indirectly and weren't mature enough to tell me directly. So when women tell me this, it actually makes me think less of them.

  • I say I have a boyfriend if I'm not interested and I want the guy to leave me alone. Even if I don't have one or not, it works as a barrier.

    • Exactly!

    • When girls do this it makes me think they are really immature and I lose interest in them. So good for you, since your goal would be to get me to leave you alone and I would definitely not want to have anything to do with you after saying this.

What Guys Said 11

  • It's a defense mechanism against unwanted attention, which most of time is pretty effective, unless the guy is naturally obnoxious or unusually persistent.

    • Obnoxious or unusually persistent... that's me!

    • Hahahahahahahaha.

  • It's an excuse to get guys to leave them alone. Think about it if you walk up to a chick and she says she has a boyfriend are you going to hit on her probably not. Two main reasons why she would say that are, your either creepy or she's not attracted to you.

  • she could either actually have one or not interested, it's 50/50, yeah I can't stand women at times

  • She doesn't want to feel like a bitch and reject to straight up, so she makes up a lie to cover up the fact that she's not willing to give you a chance.

  • i hate to say it but girls need to learn that the little lie is not the best way...the best way is to say I'm just not that attraced to u...and just say that and that be it...cuz its still lyeing and yeah it realy herts when a guy finds out you dont...and he then thinks ur a bitch...so yes its the lie he might never know...but still its wrong to lie

  • The "I have a boyfriend" excuse to me is acceptable if she really has one, she is not interested, or is just out to have fun. But I think it is absolutely stupid if she throws that up just to see how far the guy will try. If a girl says that to me, I automatically move on because that phrase tells me just that: she either has a boyfriend (I'm not interested in screwing around with a girl that's already in a relationship or one that's willing to drop one guy for the next) or she's not interested in me (I appreciate a girl going easy on me lol). I don't have time for mind games when it comes to girls saying that just to see how far the guy will go or for some kind of ego boost. There are plenty of women out there that will definitely be interested in you without this mind game nonsense...

  • There are several thoughts behind this "I have a boyfriend" line...

    1. She actually has a boyfriend

    2. She is lying because she has no interest in you

    3. She may actually like you but you freaked her out and it was a defensive reaction

    4. She's playing hard to get

    If you approach a girl at a bar or dance club then it means either 1 or 2. If you've seen the girl from time to time at work or a place you frequent it could be any one of the above.

  • This is easy. She's not interested in you and doesn't want the uncomfortable feeling of telling you "I'm not interested in you."

  • she doesn't think you look good

  • A teacher of mine once said, "It's not what you say, it is how you say it." You have to really listen to a female to understand whether or not she's interested in you or not. If she has to lie about whether or not she's seeing someone; she's not interested. If she tells you she's not seeing someone (whether or not she really is); she's interested in you.

  • regardless of the reason it means she isn't interested in you.

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