I just found out I'm gonna need to start wearing glasses. I want contacts but my parents won't get them for me for another year. Most of the girls at my school that wear glasses get made fun of so I'm kinda scared about that. I've heard many guys think that they are a turn off, is this true? What are your opinions on girls with glasses? Turn off or turn on?


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  • uhm if you can pull of the sexy libarian or bussiness lady look it will be cool

    but yea some girls look like dorks in them srry. but it won't be that bad they are just glasses like braces is something teenagers deal with untill the promblem is fixed or they find and invisible solution like contacts.

    I think you should proably get rimless glassws with square lenses or make your glasses a fashoin or get a bunch of diffrent frames to match your diffrent outfits lol that's kinda hot I think if a girl embraces a promblem insteead of moping about it

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      Haha okay thanks for you answer

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      "does that mean I get best answer"