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Glasses: turn off?

I just found out I'm gonna need to start wearing glasses. I want contacts but my parents won't get them for me for another year. Most of the girls at... Show More

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  • uhm if you can pull of the sexy libarian or bussiness lady look it will be coolbut yea some girls look like dorks in them srry. but it won't be that bad they are just glasses like braces is something teenagers deal with untill the promblem is fixed or they find and invisible solution like contacts. I think you should proably get rimless glassws with square lenses or make your glasses a fashoin or get a bunch of diffrent frames to match your diffrent outfits lol that's kinda hot I think if a girl embraces a promblem insteead of moping about it

    • Haha okay thanks for you answer

    • "does that mean I get best answer"

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  • I like girls who wear glasses. But take the time to find some stylish sexy frames -- it makes all the difference in the world.Actually nerdy-looking glasses can make you look cute too. I'm sure you'll find something good though right?

  • Not at all a turn off -- glasses can be very attractive. They can add something special, call attention to a girl's eyes... and even when they look geeky, they can be incredibly endearing...

  • Here check this out, link

  • do you think guys with glasses are a turn off?

    • Nope. not at all:)

  • usually we don't care,but sometimes, (after high school) its a turn on

  • it all depends on the glasses you get. if you get big huge ugly betty glasses they won't suit you but if you get one that suit you and your personality they can make you look even cuter

    • Well they definitely won't be big ugly betty glasses Lol

    • Well that's good lol. do you have an idea of what ones you are getting?

    • Well they're small, oval shaped, and their black with this little design on the sides. Hard to describe Lol

  • in general I find girls with glasses attractive, besides as pretty as you are guys won't even notice your glasses

    • Awe thanks:)

    • Yw,

  • I think you would look good with glasses and most people won't care if you have glasses. The whole four eyes thing was in elementary school

  • I think they are very sexy on the right girl! You could have the sexy librarian look going on! Don't worry about it though.

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