Biggest turnons and turnoffs?

Biggest turn ons and turn offs? Alright girls. I want to know what attracts you to a guy. Also, I want to know what you absolutely can't stand about a guy. Give me some of your major turn ons and turnoffs. (Examples can include things about personality, looks, or behavior.)


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  • Turn ons: confidence

    respect (for himself, me, and others)

    a sense that he knows who he is and has some sort of "style", could be any style but just that it fits who he is and looks good and all that

    smart is an absolute MUST because I have a high IQ myself

    ambitious & hardworking

    a guy who "gets" me, which is not easy at all for me to find! I have an odd sense of humor. Even better if he shares that odd sense of humor with me

    engaging in "manly" things like sports, working out, etc. Seeing a guy be really manly is hot. Especially when he shows off a little for you, lol.

    adventurous & spontaneous

    Turn offs: disrespectful behavior is a big one

    a guy who is TOO confident i.e. conceited/full of himself

    cheating (on me or in his recent past)


    angry or irrational guys. I can't stand it when they get mad over everything or get mad over something dumb

    jealous guys are even worse. Jealousy drives me INSANE and I don't tolerate it.


    a guy who refuses to try anything new


    lying. that's pretty much a deal breaker for me

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  • Turn on:

    Open and honest

    Expresses some feeling

    Confident in your relationship



    when they make you smile when you don't want to

    good humor


    good listeners

    Nice butt

    Stronger and "bigger" than me

    shared intrest

    accepting of your friends and you.

    Doesn't pressure

    Curly hair

    managed hair (that we can play in)

    Protective, but not to the point where you feel like territory or that your a damsel

    a little bit bitting

    Turn offs:


    too emotional

    jealousy (a little goes a LONG way)

    guilt trippers


    bad breath

    Body oddor




    generally not caring about physical apperance

    Someone that won't let me play in their hair

    a guy that has weird fetishes

    hits you back really hard

    Physically harmful

    treats you like your porcilen

    is clearly obcessed with your hair or eyes.

    makes too much eye contact

    kisses with eyes open

    is too grabby

    the "nast-stache" (if you can't grow one go without)

    and when a guy is too skinny.

  • Turn ons:


    buff but not huge just a normal firmness!


    soft hair not gooped with hair gel or hairspray!

    nice ass

    hair free chest! mhmm!

    dresses really nice

    always clean shaven

    I think my man when he hits the gym about 3-5 days a week can be like "damn" haha

    and also your asking our turn ons so I would say:

    My neck being kissed is the worst! it is a bad turn on spot!

    my hand being kissed.

    when a guy leans over and kisses your shoulder in the car or where ever just to kiss it.. that is the sweetest thing!

    hmm I like a guy who has nice nipples.. like ones that show through his gym shirt oh yeah!

    I like a guy to be considerate

    I like a guy to be honest, no matter how embarrasing it is just tell us! like if a girl asks if you like p*rn, turn it into something fun be like " I guess you could say I'm a fan!" lol and also a great sense of humor, serious at the right times and a guy that just wraps his big arms around you and you feel so damn hot! damn! lol

    soft lips and a good kisser. you don't want someone who you don't get into the kiss and enjoy it!

    a minty fresh breath! use listerine it lasts a long time, don't do the 30 minute rinse, be a pro and shwish until it stops burning and do it again and then you mouth feels numb for a min but its very fresh tasting trust me you will love it!

    Turn offs:

    Hairy chest, most guys have hair so I can deal with this just don't like it.

    yucky breath, and then they want to keep kissing you! uck!

    talks about a lot of other bitches, and is always looking at them even if he is with you.

    someone who makes you uncomfortable by grabbing you, making you sit by them.. ect.

    someone who takes my phone to text my friends in it saying bad things such as "dont text her were f***ing!" those are my friends, I don't want them told that just because I'm spending time with you or someone who makes it sound like they can get any bitch they want~ go for it then!

    also I don't like cocky guys, or ones who put them selves out there to be noticed, just be patient the right girl will notice you! anyways my baby is waking up I will chat at you all later!

  • what attracts me

    1. tall ,cute brown eyes.

    2. witty

    3. nice genuine person

    turn offs

    1. big bulky muscles

    2. charmers

    3. giving me compliments anyone can do that

    4. bad hygiene

    5. chat up lines. uuuugh!

    6. thinking there the best thing in the world

    lol I could probably go on but I won't lol

  • Turn ons: a guy who takes care of himself (meaning he is independent, cares how he presents himself to the world, eats and sleeps in a healthy fashion, etc. I don't want to be anyone's parent.), a guy who is comfortable in his skin and likes himself (not insecure), a guy who stands up for what he believes in (assertive), a guy who follows through and is there for me when it counts, a guy who can anticipate my needs without me opening my mouth, a guy who is respectful, intelligent, creative, and good-natured.

    Turn offs: lazy, disorganized, directionless, insecure, out of control emotions, socially unaware, unkind, etc

  • Biggest turn on of a guy has to be great lips and a smile that makes you know he wants you, plus confident enough to ask me about me. Just smart to know how I like things done, you know.

    Biggest turn off is when a guy pretends to not like me and look at you with hate, It's the childest thing I've known, especially if I know I'm better than him and they wished they had me. Not to sound concided or anything, since I really don't care about looks, just that smile.

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