Biggest turnons and turnoffs?

Biggest turn ons and turn offs? Alright girls. I want to know what attracts you to a guy. Also, I want to know what you absolutely can't stand about a guy. Give me some of your major turn ons and turnoffs. (Examples can include things about personality, looks, or behavior.)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Turn ons: confidence

    respect (for himself, me, and others)

    a sense that he knows who he is and has some sort of "style", could be any style but just that it fits who he is and looks good and all that

    smart is an absolute MUST because I have a high IQ myself

    ambitious & hardworking

    a guy who "gets" me, which is not easy at all for me to find! I have an odd sense of humor. Even better if he shares that odd sense of humor with me

    engaging in "manly" things like sports, working out, etc. Seeing a guy be really manly is hot. Especially when he shows off a little for you, lol.

    adventurous & spontaneous

    Turn offs: disrespectful behavior is a big one

    a guy who is TOO confident i.e. conceited/full of himself

    cheating (on me or in his recent past)


    angry or irrational guys. I can't stand it when they get mad over everything or get mad over something dumb

    jealous guys are even worse. Jealousy drives me INSANE and I don't tolerate it.


    a guy who refuses to try anything new


    lying. that's pretty much a deal breaker for me