Guys, do you consider seeing a movie alone together a date?

A co-worker asked me to see a movie tomorrow but he didn't specify whether it was a date or not. What do you guys think? Do guys ever go to the movies alone with a girl platonically?

Only time we hung out was in a big group, barely spoke but he did text to make sure I got home OK. We rarely talk outside of work and honestly he doesn't speak to me much at work either. More of a work acquaintance then a 'friend'.
Thanks for the responses!


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  • If you two aren't close or anything, and he's asking YOOUUU to go to the movie with him ALONE, instead of any of his other friends, then it's highly possible that he intends this to be a date. While guys do go out to the movies alone with a girl, without it being a date, it definitely does not happen with someone they're not that close with.


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  • You know, one time I asked a girl to see a movie with me...and at the time I was kinda interested in her romantically speaking...but even I myself didn't know if it was a date or not...LOL

    Anyway, nothing really happened. It was all pretty platonic. We did go back to my place and talk for a few hours after the movie was over, but at that point, I already knew that I was going to be going the reality sunk in my head that all we could be was friends at that point...

    I don't know, if I had asked her out again and something developed, then MAYBE this would be considered our "first date"...but that didn't happen, so we're just friends now.

    I think we're better friends than we would be otherwise though, because if I hadn't asked her to see that movie with me, we never would have gotten a chance to talk after the movie and get to know each other!

    To the guy below (Xenophobia) who says that movies make bad dates, I disagree...they make good first dates specifically because you don't have to talk during the movie (which makes a good excuse for the awkward silence you might otherwise have), and then afterwards, it's a good ice-breaker.

    But ask yourself if you want it to be a date or not? You can easily make it go either way. If you want to know if your co-worker is thinking of this as a date or not, ask yourself if this is the kind of movie he would go out of his way to see by himself...or if there is any other friends of his who might want to see the movie?

    Also, if by chance he didn't name a specific movie, and just said, "do you want to see a movie with ME tomorrow" then that is definitely 99% surely a date! But he could still be hoping to make it a date, even if he did name a specific movie. You just have to figure out if he's more interested in you or the movie...

    • First dates are like job interviews.....akward silence during a first date, means you don't click well with the other person.

    • Well, that depends. Sometimes two people who have the right chemistry also have a lot of tension at first.

  • OK he definitely likes you, with the "texting to make sure you got home OK". >__>

  • It sounds like he could be attempting to make it a date - go, and observe his words and actions. They should be able to tell you whether his intentions are platonic or romantic.

  • Date, or at least the attempt at a precursor to one. Most guys consider doing anything alone with a girl a date, or at the very least a sign of interest.

  • If you're alone, it's a date. He might make it seem like it's not, but that's just cause he's checking his boundaries.

  • It's not officially a date if you have already developed a friendly relationship, but maybe he is planning on making a move on you.

  • Yeah, why not? To be honest, I don't think it's a date, because going to the movies is a bad date idea, just cause its dark and it's hard to talk to someone.

  • it really could go either way. he's maybe checking you out as a romantic interest or he could just want to spend some time with you. are you already friendly with him?

  • Depends if it was decided that it was a date, otherwise I would assume that we're just hanging out and they wanted to see a movie

  • No, iHave never went to the movies with just a girl. It depends what his intentions are. If he just wants someone to go with and pass time by watching a movie, its not a date. If he wants to get to know you more with the purpose of starting a relationship, then yes it is a date.

  • Well id hope it would be a date. Just depends on which side of the old street he walks

  • If you're not sure, I'd consider that a sign that it's a date.

  • It's an exploratory date.

  • It depends

  • I will never consider it date, I had a female friend we went to the movies few times but I never considered it was date.


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  • Keep a close eye on him without making it too's his way of playing it cool and keeping on good terms if it didn't 'CLICK'!

    • I don't think it has something to do with "playing it cool if it doesn't click". It's rather just a nice way of spending some time together and getting to know each other better (after/before the movie whilst talking)

  • yeah some guys would say yes some guys say no. if you guys were making out and he had a look to him and looked at you and got you a gift then it's a date in my opinion but if it's just working related then meh I don't think so.

  • Umm I'd say he's interested enough to at least get to know you better even if he doesn't consider it as a date, platonic or not he likes you well enough to go out and hang with you and maybe he's hoping for things to progress, so you act like its a hangout not a date and don't let him know that you think he thinks its an indirect date, and dress casual, minimum makeup and I agree with another person over here, if he pays then it means he's interested but you offer to pay for drinks and popcorn and even your own ticket if he doesn't let you then it definitely is a date.All those people who think that guys shouldn't pay for dates are talkin bull because if a guy asks me out I don't pay because you know what he's the one who asked me out, he's the one taking me to a restaurant, movie, or club, its his plan then why the heck should I pay but if its a movie I sometimes buy da drinks and popcorns, but if I decide a date with someone then yeah I pay, ok I've changed the subject but hey another pointer hehe.

  • I would see if he pays for you. If he pays for you, it's a date. If he doesn't.. platonic zone.

    • That's ridicilous, I never pay for the girls I date...I'm usually poorer than the girl!

    • You must be one sexy piece of man beast my friend, where I live if your dating a girl YOU PAY for them. It's kind of like a given, maybe where you live its cool.... as a matter of fact where do you live? I'm moving there.

    • @Redman75 Then where you live is sexist.