Guys, do you consider seeing a movie alone together a date?

A co-worker asked me to see a movie tomorrow but he didn't specify whether it was a date or not. What do you guys think? Do guys ever go to the movies alone with a girl platonically?

Only time we hung out was in a big group, barely spoke but he did text to make sure I got home OK. We rarely talk outside of work and honestly he doesn't speak to me much at work either. More of a work acquaintance then a 'friend'.
Thanks for the responses!


Most Helpful Guy

  • If you two aren't close or anything, and he's asking YOOUUU to go to the movie with him ALONE, instead of any of his other friends, then it's highly possible that he intends this to be a date. While guys do go out to the movies alone with a girl, without it being a date, it definitely does not happen with someone they're not that close with.