Boys forced to dress like girls in school?

Anybody think this is a good idea? OK so I read about this elementary school which required ALL students to dress like women for a fashion show to celebrate Women;'s History month..I thought it was SO degrading...Mandating cross-dressing? Don't get me wrong, I think setting aside a time of the year to focus on remarkable women is a good thing (some people would ask why there isn't a white history month...Or a Male History month...umm..well that's pretty much the other 11 months of the year as I see it) So read about remarkable women..discuss them..Assign essays about women...But cross-dressing? How could anyone think this is okay? My answer: I think some people are obsessed with trying to blur gender lines...Mostly some people that would call themselves feminist...I have no problem with trans gender people..Or those who share some traits that are more common among the opposite sex, I know I would admit I have feminine characteristics..But the truth is..For most of us..We express our gender in contrast to one another..And we complement one another..Not supplement ashtray...A guy doesn't detest how women dress..They often like it ;)...Same with girls..But just because you appreciate something doesn't mean you would personally embrace it..Luckily enough parents complained and it was canceled...Real stupid move to by the school..Shouldn't have been an issue in my opinion.

lol spell check there in that astray thing...sorry I meant to say each


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  • Its all a part of the freedom of expression allowed by society for girls, later women (and female teachers). While this usually entails more verbal and even slight physical abuse of Male children, knowing society will look the other way. This I suppose is just a jump up from feeling more empowered by lack of support for Male children; their continued ability to mistreat Male children; and now the media that is modeling that is perfectly acceptable to abuse Males, even Male children. It's the extreme combination of protected freedom of expression and action by women and allowance of harm to Males.

  • Wow!I suppose that would be fine,if it were completely voluntary,but never enacting a school policy to force anyone,that's wrong.The funny thing is that,I do have a sort of weird "thing"for guys who happen to dress "en femme",but they do it by choice(unless they want me to force them!LOL),and they are certainly adults,not still in elementary school.Talk about trauma!

    • Yea like I said...this isn't about intolerance of transgender people...its forcing unwilling masculine boys to do it...thats the problem

  • It's interesting that tomboys are accepted but if a boy dresses like a girl it's degrading, because on some level boys think girls are less. That said, no, I don't think this is a good idea. I'm not sure how you got feminism out of this exercise, that's just the belief that boys and girls should be equal (nothing less, nothing more) and clothing doesn't have anything to do with that. I also don't know how transgendered people came into play, studies have revealed that cross-dressing isn't a homosexual activity but is shared just as much by straight men and men of all orientations. I agree this was a nonsensical exercise but I must question what truly offends some people about it so much.

    • "It's interesting that tomboys are accepted but if a boy dresses like a girl it's degrading, because on some level boys think girls are less." Would disagree, you're right insaying its accetabe for girls to dress masculine but not for boys to dress feminine....thats the core issue..boys don't feel comfrotable dressing like girls and it does degrade them because it lowers their esteem as male. not saying its correct but that's how it is. not because they think girls are inferior.

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      Boys only feel uncomfortable doing it because everyone wants to raise their kids telling them it's wrong to do. If it weren't for that, it wouldn't be an issue in the slightest. How can someone say that it isn't "natural" , when for that INDIVIDUAL (keyword)... that's what they're naturally drawn towards. That is the persons natural expression of style and way of thinking until someone tells them they shouldn't do it. Then their personal expression becomes unnatural due to being affected by thoughts or ideas other than his own

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      I believe no one should EVER be forced to do ANYTHING except treat EVERYONE with respect and decency even if u may not want to at the time

  • I have to agree with Carla..

    It's okay to 'be' a man, but being a girl is gay. It should be wrong either way. The only reason it isn't okay for a guy to do the same is because almost EVERYONE.. Yeah, not just men, believe females are the weaker sex. You know it true and it's perfectly fine for you to say that's your reason for hating it so much.

    By the way, Knowitall, the only reason you aren't at home learing how to cook and sew or getting sold off into a marriage-- Or because you can VOTE-- is because of Fems. So, if you hate freedom for your own sex, just go to a place where you'll get your head chopped off for trying to divorce your abusive husband. Don't worry, we won't mind. ;D

    But, I get why you're upset about having no say in something. Kinda.

    Ugh, I hope this helped. Lol.. ^ ^;

    Cookies and Milk,


    • The old school feminists...yes that's true...but fems also should take credit for the high divorce rates, high number of abortions ans teen pregnancy...o and speakign of equality..women gaine dequal stress and heart atack rates...congrats ladies.

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    • Cool story.

      Uhm, next time when someone answers your question in a calm and kind mannor, don't get so butthurt. Goodness, silly. I never said anything insulting. If you're so pissed off because I was right about you, just say it and stop bitching around it. xD You still think it's more okay for a girls to wear pants than a boy to wear a skirt. Don't get pissed off by my 'kinda', and elaborate more, ya' whiner. Lmao. I thought you'd be mature enough to handle such kind words, but I guess not!

    • excuse me, but you made the claim that I believe that women are weaker and asserted that as my reasoning...and well yes girls are almost always phsyically weaker"but your trying to portray me as a sexist., bottomline..this was forcing boys to dress like wasn't like the school tried to keep boys from wearing skirts...they tried to make them dress like women...and call us a bunch of sexists...but guys like dressing "masculine" and yes it is more acceptable for girls that's just how it is.

  • Ummm NO! Guys shouldn't be forced to dress like girls...they're different people! Let them have their individuality...

  • I think if a guy can dress like a girl and still be comfortable with his sexuality as a straight man then that's great, it shows he doesn't need to prove himself to others so he's probably more 'manly' then someone who doesn't. I say embrace it, have fun and take the p*ss!

    • This is thrid grade boys and if they don't want to then why should they?

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    • Lol rite...its a much different situation with younger kids I think

    • Mmmm yes, much different. kids can be cruel

  • The erxercise itself is pointless, I don't see how kids would benefit from that. but if you think dressing like a woman is degrading, maybe you think being a female is degrading? Do you cross-dressers are 'lesser' men because they like to wear women's clothing? If you do, then there is something wrong with your values and the way you evaluate people...otherwise chose your words carefully if that's not what you meant.

    • No, being a female is not degrading, being a male and forced to dress or act like a female is degrading. Being a cross dresser is someone choice, they are comfortable with it, a boy who has no desire to is a different story....the mother who called the school did so because her son came home in tears over it ...It's degrading for many guys...those who choose it are expressing themselves

    • How come that if girls were asked to dress like boys, most of them wouldn't find it degrading? Sometimes I'm required to wear men's overall in the workshop, because there are none for women. Should I find that degrading? Or you know up and deal with it. And stop whinging.

    • Well, its much more socially acceptable for girls to dress masculine....but I think still it would be equally wrong to force girls to dress like men. an overall in that case is a functional issue ur not being asked to wear it to a mock fashion show and be graded on it.

  • that is so horrible , boy shouldnt be forced to do that

  • I don't feel like it would benefit boys at all to be required to dress as girls. I think it was pointless and definitely unnecessary for learning about history. It would have been a better idea to have a few students volunteer to dress up rather than having every student do it.

    However, during a specific event such as a fashion show celebrating women's fashion, I don't see that it's actually degrading or harmful. It's not like they're requiring them to dress as women for school every day... THAT would be weird.

    Seriously... women dress as men all the time, during plays and that kind of thing. Would you call that degrading? Probably not. It's dressing up and playing a part. This isn't so different.

    I understand that it's a little easier for women to cross over and blur gender lines, because they don't have the same rigid ideas about being feminine that men do about being masculine. But that doesn't mean it'll kill them to wear girls clothes for a few minutes. During Shakespeare's time men played all the parts, including women, because it wasn't seen as fitting for women to perform on stage.

    I see why it would have been a little iffy to have boys dress as girls in this situation. But I definitely wouldn't call it degrading. I really don't think it would have traumatized them for life or anything. It's clothing, not hormone injections or something.

    • I do think it it would be wrong to force them, but I think it's wrong to force people to do pretty much anything. I think forcing boys to dress as girls would be wrong based on the principle that nobody should be forced to do something against their will, so I think it's good that they didn't do it. But don't think forcing them to do it would have actually harmed them.

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    • "I understand that it's a little easier for women to cross over and blur gender lines" try "Alot easier"

      And if some1 wants to be in a play that's their choice...they are not gettin graded over it (btw this was a large project making up a consioderable amount of teh kids grades) I should also mention the event was going to videotaped. and this was 3 graders btw....its def "iffy" so y do it?

    • Okay... I DID agree that it was wrong to have it be a requirement... and I do see why a lot of boys wouldn't want to do it. I think the main thing I disagree with is that it would be degrading. When you say that I feel like you mean the act of boys wearing girls clothes is degrading, and I can't agree with that. But maybe that's not what you meant. Either way, again, I do think they were right to decide not to do it.

  • the only guys that dress up like girls at my school are gay.

    • Exactly..and that's okay for them but its not cool to force it on everyone even for one day

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    • :(

    • Just be proud you stood up for your manhood.

  • Wow, you were required to dress like a woman?!?! That would have been SOO terrible. I thought the BP oil spill was bad but this, man, does it get any worse? And it most definately would have been degrading to look like a woman for once since women are obviously inferior to men. *sigh* People overreact way too much these days. By the way, I didn't mean to get so sassy I just had a frustrating day and I don't like people who whine :D

    • I don't girls understand this very well because its a lot easier for girls to dress masculine than for boys to dress nis Degrading!!! not because women are inferior...that wasn't my point...I absolutely don't belive that in any sense...but because some boys would find it emascultating which would affect their self-esteem because they are BOYS....its not because women are inferior, its just because boys would feel emascualted..and if you don't belive me....

    • Look at the boys answers on here...obviously many of them feel offended by it...and also one mother reported that

      "her 9-year-old son came home "in tears" after getting the assignment.

      "My son was very upset," said Janine Giandomenico. "He said, 'Mommy, please don't make me do this.'"

      "Giandomenico said her son has Asperger's syndrome, a social interaction disorder, and she feared he would expose himself to ridicule from other students if he participated in the show."

    • I think you and some other on here aren't understanding how I am using the term degrading

      "de?grad?ed (d-grdd)


      1. Reduced in rank, dignity, or esteem."

      Notice the esteem part? For many guys being masculine is central part of self-esteem. I wore a skirt for a sneior prank and felt fine, but if in THIRD GRADE..I was told I HAD to dress feminine to make a grade and celebrate women's history...I would take issue with that..its an accurate word...I'm sorry if you misunderstood.

  • haha that's funny.. I don't get how someone could actually think this is a good idea.

  • Wow that's a terrible idea, it's like a target for people to make fun of each other or be made fun of

    • Yes...infact in the article I read..there was a boy with a mil form of autism who had a lot of social anxiety...he was crying and asking "please moomy don't make me do this" and his mom was the one who eventually complained and got the stupid thing canceled thank god!

    • Awww :O poor kid! That's just terrible :-(

  • Sure they shouldn't be forced, but they shouldn't be condemned for wanting to either, which is a different subject.. In my opinion on this, however, if it is such a big deal to you then just skip the one day of school and think nothing more of it.

    • Well this was liek a huge project and they got a big grade for considering most boys wouldn't like it..thats like forcing half the school to skip

    • Not forcing, it is a choice nonetheless on the students' part. Although I don't think they should have been graded on the costuming, so choosing to skip wouldn't have effected their grade.

    • Look boys don't wana dress like women..teachers get paid to educate all students with OUR tax money..if it was just a voluntary thingor girls to do its fine..but making in mandatory is crossing the line

  • That sounds kinda gay.

  • I think the assignment is degrading to women too because it focuses only on women's fashion instead of the great things women did in history. What kind of a woman history day is this? It makes it seem as though women are only good for setting fashion trends. The whole idea is just stupid, too! If they were going to have a fashion show with women's fashions, they could at least make it so only guys who wanted to could dress as women instead of making it mandatory for everyone.

    • I agree...having the kids do a report on womens accomplishments would be a way better idea

  • Imagine if they made white kids paint their skin brown for black history month.

    • Hahahaha.....good point...thatd be seen as disrespectful

    • WHOOOH!! You're awesome for saying that

  • Forcing is wrong...

  • They shouldn't make the kids do it. Like if the kids want to do it, hell, why stop them? but if they don't want to...

  • Whoa. I think you're totally right. It's a mystery to me how some prefer to force "openess" by destroying "willingness", or will.

    A feminist is not someone who pursues power by cracking down on the first available institutional target. You can't simply assault your oppressors, you have to transform yourself!

    Am I right or am I right?

    <3 Claire

    BTW: I'm new here and I'm really happy I found the site. I hope you all will go to my website and vote for my sexy tattoo!

  • F*CK no! that's so stupid and degrading! my child would be pulled right out of school if they made my son do that

    • Thank god, this country needs more women like you as mothers

  • That's some stupid feminist shit

  • I think it's wrong and the kids should be given the choice whether they want to or not

  • thats really stupid. lemme guess it was probably one of those ultra liberal "my mind is so open my brains fell out" states in the NE? what does dressing like a woman have to do with anything? come on


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  • Haha, that is kind of twisted. True, a stupid move by the school. Opposite-gender characteristics should never be "forced" on anyone, ESPECIALLY young kids. I could say more but I'll leave it at that.

  • The problem with our world is that it's pseudo-liberal while in fact it is oppressive in so many ways... politically correct ways.

  • yeh, I doubt that's a huge deal. as its elementary school, they hardly are making their own decisions yet. its still their parents telling them what to do. now if it was middle school and this was happening, there would be a problem

  • Of course it's a stupid move. Quite frankly I don't understand how the idea was even brought up. A board meeting or something?

    Principal:You know, we really need to celebrate Women's History Month.

    Teacher:I have an idea!

    : And that is?

    Teacher: Let's make everyone dress and girls for a fashion show!

    Principle: That's brilliant! Force the boys into a situation where they'll surely be laughed at while enforcing gender rules that women only love and care about fashion! Surely there's truly no better way to appreciate the role women have played in shaping history!

  • That is ridiculous. But if they insist, then in the interest of equality, they should have a day where all girls should dress like guys too, and on that day, they should totally go to a pool and swim.

    If we weren't talking about an elementary school that would totally be worth dressing up like a girl once...

    • Girls already "dress liek guys" there really doesn't exist any male instictive dress any longer

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    • Guys don't have cloths.. unless you are talking about swimming...

    • Haha true

  • Jeez, stop being such bitches. Wearing a dress for a few runs down a catwalk won't kill you, hahah. I'd do it, but then again, not everyone is as awesome as me ;0

  • I read about this and that school is messed up, they are trying hard to brush it off now after many of the parents got p*ssed off. Rather than this one even I'd be concerned with the overall mentality of the people that run this school

  • Yea I heard about this awhile ago..Pretty crazy some teacher actually thought this was a good idea. wow!

  • That sounds like child abuse to me.

    Look, I'm for equal rights. I'm for equal pay, I've for an end to domestic violence. No means no, as does lack of yes. I'm for the women's right to education, to health care, to basic human rights (in some countries/cultures) and to not be treated like property.

    I'm ALSO for equal rights, meaning that men should be treated with respect. I'm sick to death of "all men are bastards". Or a woman getting a job to 'correct numbers'. I'm also for breast cancer awareness for MEN (men can get it, but it's often treated like a women's problem, right down to the information pamphlets and logos).

    As for this specifically, why should guys have to wear women's clothes to understand them? What utter nonsense. Does this mean they'll have 'strapon' day where all the girls have to wear a strapon and urinate standing up?

  • no I hear a lawsuit coming there. someones gona get their ass suied!

  • Do you have a link to this story?

    • Http://

    • Http://

  • Holy hell what is wrong with people these days..

  • You're actually exaggerating the situation. First off, it was only a Third Grade classroom. The project was intended to be a lesson on the types of different outfits worn by women throughout American history by creating their own dress of a specific timer period, it was never to promote crossing-dressing. Secondly, the letter given to parents had been interpreted differently, despite that it even stated that the boys did not have to wear the actual dresses, meaning it was all just a mishap of confusion.


    • No...but it said that they had to dress in way that resembled women

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    • Those parents were right to be concerned

    • They did, but they handled the situation irresponsibly.

      Anyway, I'm off. Thanks for the good debate.

  • I would never cross dress, I would probally just skip school and if they asked why I would say because I'm a man and not ever going to dress like a woman.

  • LOL.

    I would tell them to f*ck off and simply skip that day at school. Ain't going to listen to such pathetic demands.

    Luckily, this stuff won't ever happen here.

  • First I highly dout this actually happened...I am sure some parents didn't let their kid do that

    2nd I would royal f*** that school over if my kid went there...come womans day he would show up in daniel boone outfit in furs and skins with a gun and my other boy would e a texas ranger.

    see how they like that brad paisley says still a guy :P

    • It got canceled after paretns complained

    • Which little stalker faggot of mine rate this answer down I wonder. you little queer

  • Yeah, forcing it on people is definately wrong. I dislike our polaristic grouping for gender - being told your a boy from your birth on, essentially, just cos you have a penis. I don't dig that.There's more than that, I mean, its all hormones. And I dress like a girl, I've dabbled in transvestism, lah-de-dah. But I still don't think forcing it on kids is cool, man. If they want to, f***ing let them. The kids in my mum's nursery always wear the dresses and stuff in dress-up play stuff, hahaha. I love it. But I mean, if they feel uncomfortable with it, don't MAKE them.

    Although for this, I gotta say, if your gonna let them choose, f*** the parents on this occassion. Kids gotta make this decision, you know?

  • What that sounds like an awful idea?

  • called androgny. look it up. everybody hates chris did an episode on this subject

  • Educators have gone way overboard with there lesson plans. I think a lot of them smoke too much weed.

  • glad we don't have this kind of crap here in holland, every month here is white male history month

  • Yeah... My kid would get an "F" that day.

    Or I guess I could send him dressed like K.D. Lang.

  • They tried that at my school, I just sat down and refuse to participate. I knew they wouldn't punish me, because the headlines the next day would read "boy punish for not dressing like a girl". Most of my class decided to join me..

    • Well done lol...u get any major flak for it?

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    • She said something like "can you please join in". I was 11, it was a long time ago..

    • I think it was a TERRIFIC idea - boys should be forced to discover and explore their feminine selves. It should be required at least once a month. The boys should also be encouraged to make a permanent switch to girls clothing.

  • one, where is this school, two, do you have the story available... three... whay kinda f***ed-up bullsh*t is this? Thius is f***ing retarded... Fucked up.

  • In my opinion it would be a lot of fun to dress up as girls for a day! Now, I'm not gay but I think It'd be pretty cool. I've always kind of thought it would be better to be a girl too.

    • Thats cool...we did a senior prank where boys and girl switched skirts and pants (it was a catholic school so all the girls wore skirts) but forcing it on someone is wrong


  • when I was in school I always was interested in why girlsdressed differently from boys. I wasvery jealous of girls I liked their kilt school skirts and knee length socks. I wish that things were different and that those boys who wanted to wear skirts and that were tollerated and girls who wanted to wear trousers could to. Iwould've dreamed that I was forced to take all my male clothes off and then dress in girls bra, frilly knickers blouse jumper a pleated skirt, white knee length socks and mary jane shoes, then had to attend school all day dressed like that. but it never happened...

  • I think that's f***ing retarded! It's one thing if you want to do that, but making other people do it too! Come on, use some common sense!

  • If boys want to be girls let them ,

  • do one thing...just F*ck them!...dont giv them a sh!t...and don't wear anything girly!

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