How to deal with Facebook?

OK so I started thinking when I saw another Facebook question on here. His question was does Facebook help or hurt a relationship and the general consensus was that it hurts it. So knowing that what would you recommend to do about Facebook when heading into a relationship considering the fact that both people probably already have well established pages.


Most Helpful Girl

  • depends what you mean by helping or hurting a relationship. The way I look at fb is I feel that there is nothing on there that I wouldn't want my boyfriend to know because if I am in a relationship with someone I'm with that person whether or not they are physically with me. Therefore if someone took a picture of me that wasn't appropriate and placed it on fb when my boyfriend wasn't around, I can't get mad at the person who tagged me in that photo. I should be upset with myself because that's not a body double in that photo. Its me... and let me just first say well it wouldn't happen.

    I'm all for going out and hanging out seperately and doing your own things. Actually I'm an advocate for it. But, facebook really shouldn't get in the way of a healthy relationship. Photos of people posing not doing anything vulgar or inappropriate of a girl and a guy (not being in a relationship) shouldn't upset either parties significant other its just a photo and if you get jealous of that that's not exactly healthy.

    I think that facebook really shouldn't be a factor at all in relationships. I mean if you have a healthy relationship, respect each other and have good lines of communication I don't think that facebook should have anything to hide. Saying you are in a relationship on facebook isn't a big deal either sometimes people just put in a relationship because they don't want people all in their business. Pictures of a couple together shouldn't be an issue either because if you can go out in public together than you should be able to have a photo of the two of you up. If someone puts on your fb somethings that's inappropriate that's on the persons whos fb it is to take care of it. once again relationships are about respect and honesty. facebook shouldn't be a factor. I don't think it helps or hurts a relationship. I think it can do damage if someone has something to hide.