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How to raise money for plastic surgery?

I want so much done. Don't tell me to except myself, please. We all have one life and I don't want to waste it. I want to be happy before I grow old... Show More

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  • Obviously the best answer is prostitution. Plus, if you save money for fake breasts, you'll then be able to make more money as a prostitute to go toward further plastic surgeries.

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  • Get a job? How much do you need? What are you getting done? Hopefully not implants...

    • Implants are not even bad looking geeze

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    • Mm,I disagree.I have a family member with breast implants,she showed us all and they look good.And Many guys have said they prefer implants.Implants are perkier,firmer:-)

    • Eww. Your family shows each other what they're packing? Nasty!Natural for the win. Implants can GTFO.

  • Okay. I won't tell you to except yourself.Accept yourself.

What Girls Said 2

  • I hate when people lecture over plastic/cosmetic surgery:-)1)Stripping would be a great and quick way of earning money.You could earn it in less than a month.2)Restaurants such as Hoots,or Bonedaddy's(if they are national).Or perhaps a restaurant that requires you to wear "skimpy" clothing so you can easily earn lots of tips.3)Take up 2 jobs.4)Figure out your spending costs...make sure you put at least half of your paycheck away for plastic/cosmetic funding

    • Good ideas.I don't think my body is good enough though, I'm too skinny. I wouldn't make much stripping

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    • I think you took her question way too seriously Eva. It's obvious she's just looking for some pity, or else she would've left it at "How to raise money?"

    • I doubt she's looking for pity,she just wants answers.I gave her the answers she wants.Instead a bunch of morons replied "Natural" "the universe gave you what it intended"Sorry but some people on here give some bs answers

  • wow. *jaw drops*how about raising money for some food for starving families in this recession?oops, crap let my mouth open up on this 1.Y0U ARE FINE THE WAY THE UNIVERSE INTENDED!

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