Why don't guys appreciate a good woman?

Even though they say that's what they want, then why when they have her do they not know how to handle it. Instead they end up kicking her to the side and back to lower end of the stick kind of woman.


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  • Do I possibly sense a recent break up leaving you bitter? I think I do.

    • Gota agree..

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    • Lol and of course its you guys all agreeing with each other. No seriously it is personal experience and also what I have seeen. Guys have expressed if only I had a good woman this, if only I had a good woman that. But then when they get her they don't hold on to her. Just wondering why is that?

    • Maybe they didn't think she (you) was a good woman?

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  • Maybe it wasn't that your "good"ness was the reason why he dumped you? It could be a lot of other things, like being boring, clingy, crazy, boring, unfair in the bed, boring, or maybe your panuchy stank. There could be a lot of reasons.

  • You don't need to "know how to handle" a good person of either gender.

  • Hate to be rude, as I'm guessing you usually a very nice woman, but woah kitty brought the claws into this question.

    Look guys want a "good" woman, that's the same way girls always say they are looking for "the one" the "good woman" is said soul mate. Just because a girl may fit the bill I guy said when he was asked what he meant when he said a " Good woman" doesn't mean you are the woman for him.

    So do us all a favor and please don't be so hard on this half of planet earths human population an d let whatever life baggage make all guys sound like complete "Douchebags"

    Thanks in advance.

  • wrong guy, simple as that

  • Soooo not true. Well, its a major generalization.

  • same reason girls don't appreciate good man

  • well every guy has a different definition of a good women

    for some its a easy lay

    for others its a nice smart cute girl

    I'm going for the latter and its pretty hard to find a girl like that.


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  • Define a good woman in your terms?

    Many guys are lucky enough to have a woman that is honest, true, good wife, great mother, keeps the home clean and nice and gives him some sex, but has lost that adventurious bit that was there when they first got together. It is the fault of him and her for letting this part of life getting away from them and thus begin's the search for adventure most likely with the guy, but women are known to do the same and stray.

    It's sort of a shame that couples who have been happily together for 30 or 40 years don't have a forum where they tell everything as to what has made their lives together so happy!

  • The right guy for you will appreciate you. The wrong guy will not.

  • I feel you. I've known too many, "nice guys," who have been given a chance with a good person and they go and screw it up or don't appreciate it. They need to shut it about wanting a good person when they don't even appreciate it when they get one.

  • lol this is just like why don't girls appreciate a good man?