Do girls like to see guys get kicked in the balls?

Hi... This question is aimed at girls aged 16-50ish. My girlfriend and I are both into martial arts and we had a disagreement the other night... Basically I have a general perception that girls are nice, soft & caring and would never choose to, or get pleasure from seeing a guy get kicked in the... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • i think like 5- 6 years ago this was more common act. it was kinda encouraged for a self defense to a guy and sometimes it would be in a show or a movie almost in a funny matter. I don't get any enjoyment seeting this , why would I ? I probably would never do this actually unless I was being attacked or something and this was the only move I could think of , why ? because kicking a guy here could make him infertile and once that happens you can't take it back and that could ruin a guys life its really not funny to me.