Do girls like to see guys get kicked in the balls?

Hi... This question is aimed at girls aged 16-50ish.

My girlfriend and I are both into martial arts and we had a disagreement the other night...

Basically I have a general perception that girls are nice, soft & caring and would never choose to, or get pleasure from seeing a guy get kicked in the balls. My girlfriend thinks differently... that most girls would do it easily without any real feeling, or perhaps even find it funny!

So what I would like to ask, linking it in with our martial arts discussion, is as follows:

1. If you were in a 'no rules' mixed martial arts competition against a guy, would you go for the balls straight away, as a last resort, or not at all?

2. If you did choose to do that, would you do it as hard as you could, or just enough to win?

3. Would you feel any guilt or sympathy for the guy afterward as he rolls around screaming in agony?

4. Finally, if you were watching a competition fight and you saw that happen to a guy, would you feel any discomfort or sympathy for seeing this happen... would you feel completely indifferent... or would you perhaps find it funny?

I would be grateful for any genuine & honest responses to these questions from girls. Your responses will give a better understanding on this issue for both me and my girlfriend.


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  • i think like 5- 6 years ago this was more common act. it was kinda encouraged for a self defense to a guy and sometimes it would be in a show or a movie almost in a funny matter. I don't get any enjoyment seeting this , why would I ? I probably would never do this actually unless I was being attacked or something and this was the only move I could think of , why ? because kicking a guy here could make him infertile and once that happens you can't take it back and that could ruin a guys life its really not funny to me.


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  • No, I don't think it is funny and I would only do it if I was in a real situation where my life depended on it. If a guy was trying to harm me, yes, I would kick them where it counts and then run for my life.

  • not funny, I would feel bad and I'm not that sadistic to try it.

  • if it was no rules MMA fight between a girl and a boy then I'd say if the girl had tried everything else then a kick to the nards would definately be plausible. she shouldn't like try to make his balls shift to the inside or anything, just enough to win.the chick might feel bad if the dude was like "messed up" down there for infertile afterwords or something.also sympathy might come with the writhig in pain.if I was watching this then I would feel the guy's pain even though I'm a chick. it seems really painful.i wouldn't neccessarily find it funny unless the guy was a d-bag.but generally...i don't enjoy seeing guys getting kicked in the parts...

  • Wouldn't do it, seems like a cheap shot. I cringe every time I see a guy get hit in the nuts. I do admittedly find it funny on TV sometimes when I know its fake.

  • I'm one of the few street fighters that are female where I live.#1- I don't go for a guys balls unless he has a weapon and I don't. #2- If I do, I just do it enough to hurt him and get him to let go of me. #3- And no in my situation I would not. #4- in a street compet. fight I'd find it wrong.

  • Why would it be funny though?

  • Not real women, no. Little girls think it's funny. It's very dangerous to a man.

  • I feel pain for him
    I don't find it funny to see others in pain

  • It's definitely not funny to see a guy get kicked "where the sun don't shine." In fact I pity my guy friends whenever they accidentally get hit there.

  • 1. I would, go for the balls as a first. I don't know how to fight
    2. Just enough so I can win. No it's kinda funny.
    4. Indifferent / funny

  • If a guy wants to fight me he'd better prepare to be hit in the balls. id prob do it right away. or if he catches me off guard id pretend to give up and offer him a hug to show no hard feelings then knee him in the balls. not hard but then again it doesn't have to be lol.


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  • Most of the gurls will just tell meh "Oh my gosh! Are you ok?" x)
    I would always say that im ok but deep down its not xD

  • No its not funny it really and truly hurts grown men can cry. I had to witness a friend getting kicked there on purpose by a girl that seriously disliked him so she just walked up and kicked him in the nads and he cried and threw up the whole ordeal and every time im think about it I get a bad feeling down there. I've been there and got kicked In the nuts and I literally threw up for like five minuts and was sore for like 3 days

    • Not to mention a bunch of girls jumped me and my friends only one to get kicked there while they beat up my friends I sat there and threw up and partially cryed while the girls laughed

    • Waow really? U can't do anything to stop them from hurting your friend own there? I thought man were > woman. I could be wrong...

    • she's in like three different sports.

  • I think a girl should go for the guys balls if she has a good reason to and she should try to hurt him bad enough to put him down in enough pain that he won't want to get up to retaliate. I doubt if many girls will kick a guy in his balls hard enough to do any permanent damage but it ought to be hard enough that he will remember how bad the pain was to deter him from doing anything to be kicked again. I was slapped in my balls by a girl who just did it for fun and it hurt enough to double me over and give me cramps in my stomach but the worst time I had my balls busted was when I was walking on a fence, on a 2 x 4 on the top of the fence and slipped and fell with my legs straddling the top of the fence right on my balls. It hurt so bad it actually circumcised my penis and I didn't realize it until about an hour later when the pain eased up enough to go in the house and check out my balls. This was worst than any girl could kick me since I landed on my balls with my full weight. But I had two children after I got married so it didn't make me sterile.