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Why do people "poke" on facebook??

It's just funny and I'm curious as to what people think...I'm sure it has no significance but if it's insignificant, why do people do it? Just for... Show More

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  • I've poked a few friends, I think all male and my only intensoin was to creep them out. I was wondering what it meant myself. I saw on one of the kin videos a guys pokes rosa and when asks what means it he say it can mean anything. he said its like a playful hi to test the waters. it would make sense because that's what a real poke means in real life

What Guys Said 2

  • I always thought if you poked someone you would be considered creepy lol. I guess if you do it with your close friends it's not a big deal. But if some random guy poked you it's kinda weird.

    • Lol I always thought it was kinda weird too ha...none of my friends really do it but a guy that I was sorta talking to earlier this summer did earlier today, so I poked him back, then I got another poke soon after. I just think it's funny ha

    • Oh geez:)

What Girls Said 4

  • When a guy pokes me on facebook I take it as a flirty thing. Nothing too extreme, just a flirty hello. I don't mind it haha

  • I Don't know I've heard different things about whether its flirty, or silly, or means nothing at all, annoying I guess, its just there to confuse people

  • I think it' just for fun, a way to say "hey, I was thinking about you"

  • I think it's just war. My friends and I have "poke wars"

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