My boyfriend makes a lot more money than me, and it feels like he wants me to pay half always. Help!

My boyfriend and I have been together off and on for 3 1/2 years. He makes 3 times as much as I do, and I try my best to contribute and pay half when I can, but sometimes its just not feasible for me. I try to explain this to him but it seems like it goes in one ear and out the other. Sometimes,... Show More

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  • I think these days who ever makes the invite expects to pay. If the man asked you out He should always pay. after 3 1/2years it sounds like you are an established couple and dates are implied and not asked as romantic events and he may be the kind of guy that thinks at this point you are going to share it all. I'm sure he doesn't think you're a gold digger but maybe he is beyond the stage of wooing you and feels overwhelmed by paying every time you are together. Then again maybe he's just cheap. try to remember if he has always been this way from the start, if so... he's probably cheap. Maybe he is saving money for a diamond? If I were you I would decline his invitations to go out stating "I don't have the money" If he wants to see you he will pay.

    I myself have dated a women recently the things seem to be an equal exchange. I always expect to pay but sometimes she grabs the check and wants to pay it. Although she does complain about guys that want to "go dutch" I have told her I will not argue over the check if she tries to pay. She must have a reason to want to treat me. I do buy her gifts from time to time and pay as well but its just hard to know the mind set of someone these days when it comes to money.. Maybe just ask?