My boyfriend won't add pictures of him and I to facebook but adds photos of him and other girls?

okay so I have tagged photos of him and he doesn't untag them, so people can see pix of us together. but for some reason he won't upload pictures of us together himself. I don't know why...i feel like maybe it's because I am not skinny anymore. I used to be a size 1 and not I'm a size 8 so maybe that has to do with it? then he ended up going to a rave one day and took pix and he uploaded pix of all his friends, and put his main photo a picture of him and his friend some Asian girl he has not know as long as me...and who is stuck up I have heard. since it was at a rave and we are in California she was dressed in lingerie, they weren't touching each other or anything though she was posing with her hand on her knee bending side ways and he was on the other side of her holding up something to his eye. but she is really really skinny with cute small boobs and is Asian...and I'm white with big boobs and curvy so maybe since she is sexy and exotic do you think he would rather have a pic of him and her than some fat bitch that he is with?

we have been together for going on three and a half years. girls what would you do if your guy wouldn't add pix of him and you together but added pix of him and his girlfriends? (female-friends)

and guys, would you be embarrassed to add photos of your girlfriend if she wasn't really skinny?

*and now I'm a size 8
yay he posted pix of me...i just didn't understand because honestly everyone always says I'm out of his league. well I'm glad he finally put pix up tho =)


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  • Ouch...this is why I never bothered with the 'relationship' status on FB. Some guys might not admit it, but even after being in a long 3 years committed relationship, they still want to look available to other people and not necessarily to just women. It's a guy thing. They want their 'homies' to know they still got their 'game' and posting a pic of him and some other girl while he's in a relationship pretty much proves it. To me, and I'm just saying this from the info I have on here, it looks like he's missing the game. He wants to show that he can still get any girl he wants or that he's still a 'stud'. I can't explain it very well. XD

    It's always best to ask him personally but try not to make it sound like a big deal or freak out about it. They ARE, after all, just pictures. They can't really prove anything. Just let him know how you feel about it. I mean, there’s no need to showcase a relationship on FB and he probably feels that way. Be confident about each others feelings and have fun with it. Guys like to flirt with women even in a relationship just as a bit of a confidence boost. The trick is to be confident about yourself, and know that you can keep your man interested in you…and DO SO. Guys like to feel like they can get any girl they want but chose to be with you instead and feel good about it, just like how some girls like to feel they can choose any guy but chose their guy anyway. It works both as a confidence boost (which can be found attractive) AND makes your significant other feel special.

    So’s either THAT…or he’s a jerk that misses the game and can’t see that what he has with you is special. And if it's the latter...dump his ass and don't waste any more precious years on him than you already have. As for the weight related issue, if you feel like what you call yourself, then do something about it. Not for him, but for yourself, and then let the satisfaction sink in as he watches what he missed out on walk pass by him with her hips swaying and his mouth gaping.


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  • Tisk, stop uploading pictures for him and take all the pictures from his phone next time and then tell him to upload them since its on his phone.

    and no it doesn't mean anything with him and some Asian girl. besides, id go for a kinda plump curvy girl with big boobs then a skinny girl with small t*ts, and if I didn't want to upload pictures of me and you then I wouldn't be in a relationship with you because the only time I wouldn't want to upload pictures is if I wanted to break up or something.

  • Dump him. After being together for 3 and a half years and he doesn't put up pics of the two of you sounds odd . It sounds like he's a bit embarrassed letting people know he's with you. Tell him you have a problem with this situation. You'll most likely have this problem again when your pregnant if you decide to stay with him. Size 8 is not bad at all. Scarlett Johansson is that size. Also size 8 women have the most sex. link

    • I have already been pregnant but want no more kids

  • Maybe he just wana make you jealous always,or maybe doesn't really feel proud 2 v d pic of him and his gf...

  • Have you asked him about it? It could be nothing and he's just oblivious or it could be something and it's really important to talk to him about it.

  • Shame on your boyfriend! That isn't cool of him to post pics with other women on facebook. I would not be embarrased to post pics if my girlfriend wasn't really skinny. Tell your boyfriend to stop being such a shallow hal! He should appreciate you for that great person that you are. Tell him he better clean up his act or you are gunna kick him out the door with your sexy stillettos, lol!


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  • If he can't be bothered to put up pictures of you two OR make you feel like you're the beautiful woman I'm sure you are, he does not deserve you. End of story.

    P.S. The average guy does NOT want some "super skinny" girl. I'm a Size 2-3 and am constantly told by men that I should work on gaining some weight. I envy your curves, so you should embrace them!

    Ditch the loser! <3

  • Just talk to him about it. Tell him how it makes you feel and what you would like to see. He should care enough about you to work on at least some sort of compromise to make you both happy.

    If he doesn't... Loose him.

  • leave him ...chances are he is just holding on to you untill he finds someone else

  • Here is what you do take picture of the two of you and post them on his page and tag him in the pictures. If he delets them then you delet him. It may hurt but it will hurt more if you leave the problem in your head and do nothing about it! I wish you the best of luck!

  • That isn't cool .

    1) you don't add pics of you with the opposit sex on your fb when your taken

    2) size 8 is normal

    3) if he were embarresed, y'all wouldn't be a 3 year couple

    4) If he is embarresed then you deserve better

    5) talk to him about it. It'll bring y'all closer!

    Hope this helps:)

  • ss like e's hiing something or not proud..u desreve better!

  • omg he's ashamed of you,or doesn't want people to know he has agirlfriend. whatever it is its very VERY bad,break up with him for now atleast. and YOU NEED TO GET YOUR SELF-ESTEEM BACk,your not happy with your weight either you called yourself some fat bitch lol.your probbaly drop dead gorgeous and you need to get back in a place where you feel like you are!

  • Relationships are two sided and involve communication and trust and RESPECT. You have to express to him in a non aggressive manner how it makes you feel...but before you do this...maybe take some pics with his camera of the two of you and say..I like this one can you uploaded it on your facebook and tag me? Guys don't want to feel like we have given them chores so once you tell him how it makes you feel he may think you are observing him and then he will have a hard time coming through. But as far as other girls being put up there, I don't know how big a deal it is to him but he needs to respect you if he wants to keep you around because having someone dressed in lingerie as a main photo is a little misleading as to who the MAIN girl is in his life...But if you talk to him and I think you should, make sure you point out how it makes you feel in a couple of words and don't drag it out. Be simple with it and don't make the conversation lead to a lecture full of choices for him. Then evaluate how he handles it and whether or not this is behavior you are willing to put up with for the long haul if not...then...? Good luck!

    O and if you think for one second it has to do with you gaining more realistic..if he didn't like your size he wouldn't be with you..and if its something you are happy with then that's what matters as long as you are happy and content but if not outside of his views then you can always do something about happy..and be healthy! take care

  • Thats horsesh*t! I would leave his ass cause no man that you are with should not post photos of other woman unless you are in the pic next to him! It ain't cause your fat either girlie I went from 160 skinny to 260 and my man still posted pics of us! He usually does his other things but he won't take pics with other girls unless they are family or both or our friends! I have since stressing for big reasons the last three years started going to a diet doctor and lost 64 lbs now I am starting to get small again yippee lol! but my man still loves me you man has something wrong with him! You know I get insecurities to thou! But I'm telling you if he cares he loves everything about you! did I mention getting that fat was from having my almost ten lbs son to and my dumb mother which I no longer speak to for reasons! lol! you can find someone better whether or not it takes a while or not the person will come along that you adore trust me! don't fear leaving or being alone if you don't feel right in the relationship!

  • I had the same problem. My boyfriend put sexy pictures of his old girlfriend on his MySpace and not me. So I sent him sexy pictures of myself and he showed them to all his friends. Which I wanted.

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  • Fuck him! he's a loser

  • my boyfriend has pictures of us on facebook. I look ugly in pictures and only good in person so I tell him to make pictures of me private. but anyways, he has a lot of pics of us on facebook and we are listed as in a relationship. =)

    • LOl I don't think that really answer the question might just make her feel worse lol!

  • Hey, I've got the same problem. I'm not actually on facebook due to certain reasons but my current boyfriend of 8 months is on there...and there's so many pictures of him, him with other women him with friends etc and not 1no single photo of me! I've asked him about it and he has told me he doesn't have a photo of me...but its fact he's lying...i've also suggested going on there myself and he has told me that relationships don't work if your both on facebook! He has put that he is in a relationship under his status but not 1no single photo...i'm telling you he still wants women not to know he has a girlfriend so he can carry on flirting!

    • SAME THING HERE GIRL ! I don't even HAVE a Facebook, but he does...can you believe that? Honestly, address the issue now to him before it's too late and you end up where I am. Then, all he's going to say is, "Well it wasn't a problem before, why is it now."


      Screw boys.

    • Hie did you approach the issue with him....How have you pair ended up? my boyfriend just tells me he's on there to keep in contact with people he met whilst why the hell does he insist on putting news feeds on there telling people general things like 'I went out on my motorbike today' I mean WHO CARES!!! There's something not right about the situation!!