My boyfriend won't add pictures of him and I to facebook but adds photos of him and other girls?

okay so I have tagged photos of him and he doesn't untag them, so people can see pix of us together. but for some reason he won't upload pictures of us together himself. I don't know why...i feel like maybe it's because I am not skinny anymore. I used to be a size 1 and not I'm a size 8 so maybe... Show More

*and now I'm a size 8
yay he posted pix of me...i just didn't understand because honestly everyone always says I'm out of his league. well I'm glad he finally put pix up tho =)

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  • Ouch...this is why I never bothered with the 'relationship' status on FB. Some guys might not admit it, but even after being in a long 3 years committed relationship, they still want to look available to other people and not necessarily to just women. It's a guy thing. They want their 'homies' to know they still got their 'game' and posting a pic of him and some other girl while he's in a relationship pretty much proves it. To me, and I'm just saying this from the info I have on here, it looks like he's missing the game. He wants to show that he can still get any girl he wants or that he's still a 'stud'. I can't explain it very well. XD

    It's always best to ask him personally but try not to make it sound like a big deal or freak out about it. They ARE, after all, just pictures. They can't really prove anything. Just let him know how you feel about it. I mean, there’s no need to showcase a relationship on FB and he probably feels that way. Be confident about each others feelings and have fun with it. Guys like to flirt with women even in a relationship just as a bit of a confidence boost. The trick is to be confident about yourself, and know that you can keep your man interested in you…and DO SO. Guys like to feel like they can get any girl they want but chose to be with you instead and feel good about it, just like how some girls like to feel they can choose any guy but chose their guy anyway. It works both as a confidence boost (which can be found attractive) AND makes your significant other feel special.

    So’s either THAT…or he’s a jerk that misses the game and can’t see that what he has with you is special. And if it's the latter...dump his ass and don't waste any more precious years on him than you already have. As for the weight related issue, if you feel like what you call yourself, then do something about it. Not for him, but for yourself, and then let the satisfaction sink in as he watches what he missed out on walk pass by him with her hips swaying and his mouth gaping.