Is my male coworker acting strange?

I am trying to think that he is just naturally nice, perhaps clumsy, and I have trouble making out his words sometimes. He just seems to act a little odd around me, and it kind of makes me feel slightly uncomfortable at times from his body language. I don't know why, but my instinct is telling me that he might like me, except I really cannot see any reason why he would. Maybe I have read too many of those "signs that a guys likes you" articles, but even when we were sitting next to each other while he showed me something, his knee slightly touched my knee and I didn't feel him moving his leg back (partly because I retracted out of reflex to notice), or maybe it was really by accident? I am new to the place so I've been trying to get everyone's phone numbers. With my other coworkers, exchanging numbers was no problem. But when I asked for his, he only gave me his and did not ask for mine. I'm confused. What is going on?


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  • maybe he just doesn't give out his number to everyone. some people don't want to get too many incoming calls and texts during their day. doesn't mean he doesn't like u. from the way it sounds, he kind of does


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  • What kind of body language is he displaying? I'd say that he's definitely into you, although my insight may be null because of my age. I think touching people is very noticeable, breaking the "touch barrier" is kind of a big thing and seeing how he doesn't really pull back. I think most people would.

    I have no idea what's going on either though. Sorry ):