Why do guys spend so much money at the strip clubs?

Why do guys spend so much money at the strip clubs?


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  • The Anonymous answer below is stupid. We go to strip clubs because men are visual creatures, and we're also lazy. We can give a stripper $5, and she'll shove her boobs in our face. Maybe a guy has a brunette girlfriend, but he gets really turned on my blondes, so he can go to a strip club, spend some money, and see some hot blondes naked. It's better than dumping his girl and going looking for a blonde.


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  • Well it's easy. Just look at it like a space alien watching humans interactions. Men like to have sex all the time. It's really really hard to get their brain to not think about wanting to have sex. However, to have sex, a man would need to meet a woman (at least pretty in their book) and do the whole "mating dance" rituals. A lot of them failed at it, think that they will fail at it or just don't really like spending time on it. Some men will pay to skip the whole 'rituals' part for a one-night-stand.

    Thus, this is why prostitution is the oldest profession. It's the one profession that will hang around as long as men still have money.

    A lap dance in a strip club is closest a man can get to have sex with a pretty woman without actually having sex with her. Men will pay extra if they can have the wild fantasy sex they dreamed about after/during the dance.

  • The girls will rub their tight asses in the guys face for a little extra. And in some places will even give some oral stimulation. Plus it's much like any relationship, the guy wants the booty and shells out all his money for or to the girl. This just speeds up the process and can be casual.

  • LOL! I try and spend as little as I can haha, one night I spent 4 bucks and that was just on one beer LMAO!

  • And again here we go with another double stanard.

    Sit down and really, really think about this.

    Why do women that strip get such a bad reputation as opposed to guys that do the

    same exact thing?

    When you answer that question you have your answer.

    And yet another 1-of many double standards.

  • They turn us on in different ways than our girlfriend usually can.

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  • Because strip clubs are expensive. compared to other bars, clubs.

    You spend a lot regardless where you go.

    Especially if you want to have fun.

  • because a strip club is like dating or marriage, but without the b.s.

    guys give girls money, and girls remove their clothes.

  • Because their dumb asses. They hold onto to the hope that one day,that one stripper that they have given their hard earned money to will want them not just their money.Yeah right . Like I said their dumb asses.

    • Hahahaha. Hell yeah those who spend money in strip clubs are not only dumb asses but also loser according to me. Hahahaha