What does I mean when a girl says "I need a REAL man"

what the girl says

you all can stop answering this question...i get it now...im no ones type .. : (
but thanks for your responses etc


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  • It mean they want a real, attractive man,

    You need to understand what it means to be the attractive guy. One of the major goals of your life is to develop a naturally attractive personality.

    In order to do this, you have to understand what women want from a guy. In other words, you have to act in a high status manner every time you meet a new girl!

    So how do you know when you’re acting like a real man? The majority of these guys have the same handful of personality traits. By understanding and implementing these traits, you’ll create an attitude that almost all women love!

    Here are some of these traits:

    - Be Challenging - When you meet a woman, you want to be the challenge! While you’re leading the interaction and doing most of the talking, you want to subtly let her know that you can walk away at any given moment.

    - Have an Identity - Having an identity is about truly understanding who you are! It’s about knowing what you want in life and constantly move towards it.

    - Be the Fun Guy - As you know, a woman is an emotional creature. When she meets a guy, she enjoys that tingly feeling of sexual tension. The guy who can engage the emotional side of her brain is the one she’ll be attracted to.

    And these are only 3 things that can help you to improve your game. If you want some more tips, check out link , it worked for me.

    Good luck!


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  • i think it means that you don't fit into her thought of what a man should be like. nothing personal, its just the fact that she thinks you guys don't match.

  • This all depends on how it's put in context. That statement alone can mean a number of things. Not to defend it, but a lot of women seek a man who have the qualities that we sometimes lack--such as a tough demeanor (but not asshole-like; there is a difference), protective tendencies (but not overbearing), etc. We ultimately want to feel like a woman worth supporting and fighting for while around the opposite sex. If a fella can't meet up to the challenge, it questions on whether or not they're fit to be with long-term. link

  • A real man in a woman's eye is a man who is mature enough, a man she can feel comfortable with, that she can really trust. A man who has brains and is well educated. A man who build up muscles to protect her and not to seduce girls with them.

  • Women that say they want a REAL man are women that are sick of all their BOBS hahahahahahaha! Just kidding kind of... lol... umm I don't know I would guess a mature man is what it means but I don't really know, I agree with what kt kyleen said though.

  • It means she's tired of the immature games boys play. or she wants a provider, or she wants a man who's not such a wimp.. there are lots of definitions.. could be a mix...

    • Which games......can you describe them?

    • BS games like saying one thing yet doing another, treating us badly, etc..

  • it means she's not into you and that's the only excuse she could come up with


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  • Going to start with some civilized ideas, she might be talking bout job income, steady employment, physical appearance, many things you didn't really narrow it down but those are all good examples. Now for the actual man inside you we have to ask DO YOU, DO MAN THINGS? Or do you sit around and watch opra! When I say man things I mean like hunting, and NO not your pansy as hunting where you set up a feeder and plant your ass in a stand and wait, no THAT'S F***ING FARMING, I'm talking about the thrill of the f***ing hunt, and no you don't need some high powered rifle... If you really want a challenge go hunting with a knife nothing says REAL MAN like bringing home something big and dead to your girlfriend with a knife sticking out of the back of its neck and no other signs of damage. Also go fishing, and I don't mean go fishing for some little ass bait fish, I mean get yourself some poundage on that bad boy bring home a meal. (Also give noodling a try once, sure you can lose a finger...Wear good gloves if your worried about that) Build something amazing, USE YOUR MAN SKILLS. BUILD A TRAP, MAKE FIRE WITH STICKS... (as expecting as I am of people, you are not going to do anything on this list, which for most people is a good idea they have ZERO outdoor skillz) (Lol I actually enjoyed writing this it was like venting at one point) (I mean really though the way people hunt now is like farming...Think about it you sit and wait for an expected outcome)

  • Real Man (N) 1. a mature man with a career, education and class

    Most of the women that I've ever heard say that were not the type of women that a REAL man would want.

    • You are right, I would not say that, it's mean. But what a woman wants-most women want, is a man who is sincere, honest but sweet, faithful, if he does not have a career, at least has goals, unless she's a gold digger which I'm not and you don't want one of those. A man who, if he doesn't have kids, at least likes them. Men who don't like children and animals give a bad personality picture. And many other things depending on tge particular woman,maturity: ) I love spontanious,childish guys who CAN B

    • I agree ^

  • You don't make enough money.

    You are boring in the sack.

    You are a wimp.

    She's a whiny, pain in the ass bitch and she's just trying to hurt your feelings.

    • That was right on the button good answer

  • It's a girls way of saying, "I've had a lot of bad experiences and I dated dousche bags because I have low self esteem."

  • oooo...was that said to you man...sorry :S

  • No female should tell you what a REAL man is ... when she's not a REAL woman..

    They're just a bunch of hypocrites ...

  • It means you should get yourself the hell away from her ASAP.

    Some girls have problems.