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What does it mean when a guy tells you he adores you?

My guy friend and I were talking about this crazy girl that he had been dating (they broke up), and he said that he was sick of women. I asked him... Show More

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  • it's hard to judge from just reading your story. Just think of it as, he thinks of you more than what he thinks of other girls. He adores you, he likes you and the way you are and act. You are a precious friend to him and about more than friendship, that will reveal itself in time if he ever asks you out or anything :) Just take it as a compliment.

    • Even if it's just friendship, good relationships are good friendships. It may be just friendship, which is not bad either. When you get older, you will treasure your platonic male friends. Take it for what it is and just be his friend. Time will tell if it will grow into something else, but don't overlook the joys of a friendship with a man.

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