Why do girls like to talk about themselves so much?

I always have to ask HER questions she never asks me anything...

I guess I'm just not interesting enough to her? =/


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  • Because...girls LOVE to talk a LOT and which better subject do they know most about than themselves.

    If you want her to ask you questions just say to her ` Is there anything you want to know about me?` Tell her your hobbies

    You just turn the conversation to yourself and start talking about yourself, she` ll have no choice but to listen lol and to be quiet for a bit. If you interest her she` ll ask you questions about youself more.


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  • I have to remind myself to ask the guy questions about himself sometimes, but if the answers to questions are the only times he talks, then I start to feel like I'm interviewing someone for a job, not on a date. So I fill in the gaps with talking. Sometimes you just need to push your way into a conversation and talk about yourself. She might get the hint that it's time to focus on you for a few minutes, and not her.

  • oh I absolutely despise people like that. not all girls are like that. I don't think it's you I just think she just cares about herself. sounds like she is in love with herself. you gotta ask yourself, since she is so in love with herself, is their even room for you?

  • lol my boyfriend never ask me anything more than what I did that day... I am always the one asking all the questions cause he has no idea what to ask xD

  • everyone likes to talk about themselves! she is probably trying to impress you

  • We don't know what to talk about!


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  • I don't think that's really all girls. She just sounds kinda self-centered, which is a trait that many people of both genders have in abundance.