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Do guys like it when girls blush?

hahah I'm so embarrassed because I blush so much! I just wanted to know if there's anyone out there that likes it :P

hahahhaa... ahhh!

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  • It is cute and gives us guys a lot easier time figuring out if you like us.

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  • I blush a lot either.Especially when I feel awkward or nervous.I really hate it when my friends point it out.

    • Me too! their like 'YOUR FACE IS SO RED" I'm like, No........ really?! hahahah :)

  • i think so...it makes them feel like they are having an impact on you...total power for them

  • not a guy but I would imagine they think its cute

    ha I think its pretty funny that your blushing in your default

    • Hahahahahahhaha yeah................... hahahah

      I do that a lot. :s

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