Girls, do you ever have "accidents" in your pants?

I sometimes pee a little if I hold it for too long or get to laughing really hard and some of my other girl friends also sometimes pee a little. I've also seen a few friends have bigger accidents over the years and I have even totally peed myself before. Even worse, I actually held it too long once last year when I was 17 and pooped my panties on the way home from school!

How common is this? Do other girls sometimes have little or big accidents past the age where we should be able to hold it?


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  • a girl peed on me once when she couldn't hold it


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  • LMFAO!

  • why are you anonymous...
    you shouldent be ashamed of that...
    this is a natural thing... and it may happen to everyone!!
    ehy... we can talk about it though!

  • Assuming this is a legitimate question and not a troll looking to hear little girls talk about "peeing", why are you holding it for so long that you can't anymore? Why not use a restroom? Holding it is bad for you and can eventually cause problems.


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  • hahahaha YES

    i p*ss my pants sometimes when I laugh

    REALLLLLLLY hard, but that's only if I can't

    run to a bathroom..

  • It's called incontinence. It happens.

  • No, I have never peed myself, or crapped my pants.

    My parents successfully taught me to use the toilet.

  • It happens, its ok. I have always had a problem like that. my bladder is small and doesn't give me much warning. I eventually learned how to hide it by wearing dark shorts or skirts so no one can see the wet, or just pee before it becomes and accident, like sitting in the grass or standing behind a wall and peeing. This would be like when there is no bathrooom near by or something, or for cheering. all those jumps are hard on the weak bladder!!
    Hope this helps/ Please write me if you need more help.

    • wow... you seem to be quite used to it... however there is nothing to be ashamed of.. we all are humans... and it can happen to everyone!
      May I ask you what kind of issue you have, I'm really curious, this has always fascinated me, because I guess it's not as easy as it seems to live with such problem, and I think the girls who have it, are have good moral fiber!

  • I have. I was kinda drunk and sitting with my boyfriend once and while I was sitting in his lap I peed all over him.

    Another time I was 69 and him and I had to go REALLY bad so I leaned back on his face whith his mouth open and just used him as a toilet. It was a good minute of peeing and he used his younger to wipe off the excess