How do you get a stripper's body?

I really want to tone up, and from what I know, strippers have nice tight and toned bodies, but they still have some curves.

Does anyone know of a good routine to get a strippers body?(:


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  • uhhh...most strippers I have seen are fat or have saggy mom tummies with nasty c-section scars. if you wanna look like them, just go do a lot of meth or get pregnant. sorry, worked in strip clubs before. those girls most of the time are NOT hot.

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      Someone is insecure huh

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      don't use a stripper for example then, that's nasty. just ask how to get in shape. lol OK honestly buy a pole, OR you can get a hoop (not a normal hula hoop or a weighted one for exercise) and learn how to do tricks, its SO FUN. I lose about 10 pounds by hooping so far. THEN just cut down on your calories, take the calories you normally eat then subtract lets say 500 and eat that much. if you want to find a hoop email me, its uber fun and insane (go to youtube and type hooping, or hoop tricks, th

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      ats what I do!) or email me, I'm a workout FREAK. if you need any help. sorry if I sounded like a bitch , its just that ughh. strippers are not a kinda person to strive to look like. nothing but <3 to you girl.