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Do girls often put pictures of themselves and "guy friends" hanging out alone on their facebook profile page. Usually its a guy they are interested in or actually dating right. Because this girl I thought I was seeing has been hanging out with this guy a lot and he's all over her facebook page. but apparently he's her best friends boyfriend. Even if that so, kind of shows that if he was single she's be all over him right. Looking at it from a distance, that's what it looks like. That if this guy was single they would be dating.


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  • really simply put...the 'guy friend' you're talking about is her BEST friends boyfriend! what code has always and will always exist? the friends first one!

    of course there's nothing going on between them! how does her friend feel about it? if she trusts them then so should you!

    are you still seeing this lovely lady? because if you feel that badly about it it may be worth your while talking to her about it...she'll listen.

    Being perfectly honest, my best friend's are usually boys. Without fail it drives what ever boy I'm dating insane...until he meets the lad he feels most threatened by, or the group. After that...its easy to explain the way the relationships within the group work.

    you have to trust her or she'll put her friendships first.

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      well some of the pics on there with her and this guy, the best friends is commenting how cute she is, how cute her boyfriend is, how she is so lucky to have a great best friend and boyfriend. the best friend actually left a comment on the girls page saying oh 16 more days till I see you I'm so excited blah blah blah. so basically your saying I am wrong lol

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      the best friend commented saying I have such a great best friend and a great boyfriend and this girl replied yes you are a lucky lady, is there something to that. for the most part its the best friend saying how lucky she herself is. not this girl saying her best friend is lucky

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      k well then...stop worrying!they've been friends for 5years trust me in her head...he literally is 1 of the girls!i would get confused if someone askd me if I fancied my best guy mate...

      u stop seeing them as attractive ppl...more as funny, sounds personality brill ppl...brothers or cousins is the best comparison...of course she's saying she's lucky! she's 100% welcome with both of them...they're really close to her! stop being jealous!u 110% have nothing to worry about.