How do you get a guy to spend money?

I don't wanna sound like a horrible person for asking this but how does a girl find one of those guys who spends his whole paycheck on her, and how do you get him to do that?

I would never lead a guy on or pretend to like a guy for his money, I want to date the guy where that sort of thing is "understood" if you know what I mean. But obviously not a hooker either, but you know those girls that's boyfriends by them everything. I'm tired of being hurt I just want to benefit from guys if all their going to do is use you anyway

u talk about good guys like there easy to find.i don't go after bad boys either, I try to have a good relationship only to find that they have like other girlfriends on the side so if I'm gonna date somebody I at least want to get something out of it
i might as well get SOMETHING out of it besides a broke heart or hurt feelings so I don't see the problem. if I met a nice guy I wouldn't use him but until I meet one why should I care if he doesn't care about me? I haven't even done it yet lol


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  • "I don't wanna sound like a horrible person for asking"

    Too late.

    Still, in the spirit of GaG, here goes:

    Find out where all the middle-aged/older men with large sums of money are, dress well and act cute and you'll be his arm candy in no time. He'll spend money on you without any real emotional investment, you'll get lots of nice things without any commitment issues (since he's already married and not going to leave his wife for you).

    But I reckon in your case you just need to be a bit less butt-hurt over some failed relationships, accept that everyone has to go through them at some point to learn their lessons and be better prepared for the one, and be a bit less grubby.

    You want nice things?, get a job and work for them like everyone else. :)

    I look forward to the girls of GaG flocking here to state how despicable your attitude is, gender equality I choose you! (^ . ^)o~~(=o=)