How do you get a guy to spend money?

I don't wanna sound like a horrible person for asking this but how does a girl find one of those guys who spends his whole paycheck on her, and how do you get him to do that?

I would never lead a guy on or pretend to like a guy for his money, I want to date the guy where that sort of thing is "understood" if you know what I mean. But obviously not a hooker either, but you know those girls that's boyfriends by them everything. I'm tired of being hurt I just want to benefit from guys if all their going to do is use you anyway

u talk about good guys like there easy to find.i don't go after bad boys either, I try to have a good relationship only to find that they have like other girlfriends on the side so if I'm gonna date somebody I at least want to get something out of it
i might as well get SOMETHING out of it besides a broke heart or hurt feelings so I don't see the problem. if I met a nice guy I wouldn't use him but until I meet one why should I care if he doesn't care about me? I haven't even done it yet lol


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  • "I don't wanna sound like a horrible person for asking"

    Too late.

    Still, in the spirit of GaG, here goes:

    Find out where all the middle-aged/older men with large sums of money are, dress well and act cute and you'll be his arm candy in no time. He'll spend money on you without any real emotional investment, you'll get lots of nice things without any commitment issues (since he's already married and not going to leave his wife for you).

    But I reckon in your case you just need to be a bit less butt-hurt over some failed relationships, accept that everyone has to go through them at some point to learn their lessons and be better prepared for the one, and be a bit less grubby.

    You want nice things?, get a job and work for them like everyone else. :)

    I look forward to the girls of GaG flocking here to state how despicable your attitude is, gender equality I choose you! (^ . ^)o~~(=o=)


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  • The guy below me is right. You are the reason prenuptial agreements exist. No guy wants a girl like you unless it's to use you. You say you don't wanna sound like a horrible person for asking but, if it walks like a gold digging whore, talks like a gold digging whore, swims like a gold digging whore, it isn't a duck. Do the rest of a world a favor right now and just die already.

    • I know--I don't understand it. There was guy in another thread here who wrote that he was going to just trick girls into sex because some girl broke his heart cause he was a nice guy. How can you really be nice and want to do that? Why do people lash out at others when they hurt--why can't they just heal and wait, however ever long it takes, for a good person?

  • First, you are the reason why prenuptial agreements exist.

    If you want guys to spend money on you, you BETTER BE HOT! and GREAT IN BED. If you are not its going to be tough. I mean honestly, who the hell buys ugly people stuff, seriously. And you have to earn their trust, because guys now a days have to look out for evil, money grubbing whores like yourself. If all you want is a guy's money you will never have a good relationship and never be happy.

    If you really want a guy to buy you things, be a good girlfriend to him, love him and mean it. Oh, make sure he has a good job, broke guys can't buy you shit.

    • ROFL right inn brother...--I have written a lot on why you can't do the who vengeance thing and this is why--this girl will never be happy -- she needs to find out why she is dating jerks and see that some for her bad choices are hers to deal with alone...sad...give women a bad name...

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    • God! you hit the nail on the head, but damn! that was rough!

    • Lol..... you said it!!!!!

  • most guys will see right through your b.s. . . God Bless any guy that doesn't. .

  • Why would you be interested in a guy who would act so irresponsibly? That does happen, but usually when a guy is so insecure that he thinks he has to buy the girls "love". Yep, pretty much a step away from a street walker from there.

    And the girls who get that guy are usually smoking HOT, and the guys are not so much.

    I am sensing that maybe what you really want is a guy who would love you so much that he would spend every dime he has on you. But maybe you should be more concerned about the TIME he spends. Making money is usually what takes up a man's time. Look for a guy who has balance in his life. He will have good earning power, provide a nice comfortable environment to live in, and have enough time to enjoy some of it with the woman he loves.

    The best way to find that guy is to hit the gym and make your body smoking hot. The guy with the most spending power, usually ends up with the hot looking girl.

    But keep in mind that he is usually a target for all the other gold digging girls. Be careful of what you wish for.

    Good Luck,


  • Ok, first get some warm weather clothes, bikinis and whatnot and then you could get a tan, just to prepare yourself. Cuz, you see, you are going to hell and I hear it gets really warm down there. Fah Q

  • Using a guy just to buy you stuff is mean. A man should not be stupid enough either to go buying her anything she wishes. Because you got hurt, does that give you the right to hurt others just to benefit? You are wrong, and your question fails in many ways. Sorry to say it this way, but it's just a very superficial question.

  • i will do just about anything for a girl that I like but I honestly try to keep money out of the relationship as much as possible. I really never buy women gifts or pay for things all the time. I just don't think it should have anything to do with a relationship. all it shows is that you are rich enough to buy things. it doesn't show any real feelings for them. If I was rich enough to buy someone a house would that mean I loved them more than someone who can't buy them anything? No, it wouldn't.

    I want a girl who is happy with me, and with the things I do for her and the time I spend on her, not on what I buy for her. In principle I never buy gifts for any girl and it has worked out great for me. Easiest way to weed out money grubbers or people who think material possessions are important.

  • You are kinda narrow minded, aren't you? The reason why I say that is because guys work hard for their money, they are literally giving up part of their lives to be at work to make money. You are wanting him to throw away his life for you. I don't know if you have EVER had a job in your life, but if you did you would understand the meaning of money. Men and women have got to work together to make a living together. You on the other hand want him to spend all his money on you. You are selfish and inconsiderate of his feelings. You will have a hard time finding someone with that frame of thinking. Good Luck.

    • Im just about as selfish as most of these guys are out here so yeah, whatever

  • first of all because of women like you I would always make a prenuptial agreement, and if I was just dating I would make sure evry cent spent on you I get back in return or otherwise I would take legal action against you.

  • I kind of see what you're saying, but you are completely basing your values off of past experiences. Despite what you might think, not EVERY guy uses their girlfriend. I'm very respectful of my girlfriend and she means the world to me.

    Yet, most people are right in that you should NEVER expect a guy to pay for your stuff. Don't look for things like that. Look for things in guys like treating you great, being respectful, being there when you need them; not for their checkbook. Wanting a guy for money is absolutely ludicrous.

    Look at being hurt as a way to grow. You just found the wrong boyfriends. Find the right one and find one that treats you right. Asking for money like that is incredibly disrespectful and honestly, that's probably how you found such sh*tty boyfriends that hurt you.

    Lastly, if they hurt you by not spending their money on you, I hope you never find a boyfriend that's dumb enough to waste his money.

    Incredibly harsh, but I said what needed to be said. If you've been legitimately hurt in past relationships from having just crappy boyfriends, then maybe your logic is totally skewed; however, don't ever look for guys because of their money. That will be the biggest mistake of your life.

  • Well I ain't saying she a gold digger.

  • dude. your a gold digger. and I honestly feel sorry for any guy that you date. harsh but honest.

    • She's not a gold digger, yet! She just asked a question about giving of her time possibly body to someone that she has loved only to be hurt in the end. It seems she has accepted the fact that all men are no good so why not get your financial needs meet in the process. I'm not saying I'll do it but yeah I GET IT!

  • I honestly find that deplorable. you just want new clothes and material items. I'm finding that quite disgusting, to use someone like that, whether you like them or not.

  • you don't want guys to use you, so you want to use them? okay then sounds like a great plan or.

    you can just not date the assholes you have been and hopefully let go of the "guys should buy me stuff" attitude and maybe you'll find a nice guy


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  • Girlfriend - that you are asking this question is disgusting to all women everywhere. Better just to come out and became a's more honest.

    Why are you looking for a man to supply your needs or buy you presents? Any man would be happy to do this - if they had someone who appreciated them, cared for them, really was emotionally invested in them and gave a hoot about them...they'd treat you well. The reason you're not finding men who "shower" you with gifts is because you aren't worthy of them. You obviously don't think highly enough of yourself so you appear deperate. And a classy lady would NEVER ask for a gift or expect it of a man.

    Go read some books on being a self-confident and happy person. Only when you are those things will you start being a real catch to a man.

    Do any men agree with me?

  • well if your realtionships all have had other girlfriends on the side then ou obviously aren't going for the right type of guys at all because all the guys I know never cheat on there gfs and the guys I've beenn with didn't cheat on me either,

    when your in a realtionship you shouldnt e in it "to get something" you should be in it because you really care about that person and want to spend your time with them

    and to be honest good guys are a lot eassier to find , but you won't get one if your attitude is to use them they will be wide to that

    i don't hink good guys are your type of guy your attracted to if they were you would have gotten one instead of the losers you have got, and girls treat guys just as bad its not just a guy thing

    you should stay away from datin until you learn to like guys again and not be bitter

  • not all guys use you, there are actually nice guys out there who be in realtionships with girls and treat them with respect and love them

    why don't you just buy stuff for yourself like the rest of us do instead of getting some guy to buy it all for you.

    • She would have to get a job for that and by the sounds of it she kinda just wants everything handed to her on a silver platter.

    • Well then she should get a job like he rest of us

  • I understand what you mean completely. However, what you have to understand is that everybody's been hurt before in relationship. It seems to me that you use them for your revenge. The best thing to do is to forgive them and let yourself be happy before you get into another relationship. I am pretty sure you have trust issues here. So, don't get into a rel. if you still think he just gonna break ur heart so you mite as well use him again. There are lots of reasons why people hurt each other. Just forgive and love your next guy, if he loves you he will buy you stuff eventually without you even asking it.

  • Sad that so many people opt to vengeance - men turn to abusive assholes and women turn into gold diggers--when will people take responsible for their own mistakes in life and just move on without making other people pray for their mistakes!

  • Like any thing good in life true love is hard to find--I spent years before I found my husband who is a wonderful man--I met many horrible guys and soon I realized that I was making choices that made me choose these men.

    You sound like you are hurting but lashing out is not the way to eradicate pain -- you will be buried in it and not know how to get out.

    I know.

    But when I renewed love and hope in my heart I was able to land the most amazing man--but it didn't happen over night.

    You have to be patient--turning into an opportunist will run a good man off when he finally does come along--you have to keep the faith.

    • "But when I renewed love and hope in my heart I was able to land the most amazing man--but it didn't happen over night."

      - well said.

  • Hun, instead of blaming all guys for the obviously bad choices you've made in men, try to figure out why you like such men--do you pass over the good guy while lusting over Mr Dangerous thinking he is more fun? if you do, get ready to be used--these guys have no respect for women and think it is fun toying with them ( probably because, just like you, they were hurt--just a stupid vicious cycle).

    Good men exists and are often tossed aside for lame reasons -- ( I blame SEX IN THE CITY syndrome--don't get me started) don't fall into that trap.

    how about reevaluating yourself and making better choices in the future--maybe you don't need to date until your wounds heal because you won't benefit your potential man or your self with that kind of attitude

    you'll only end up angry and lonely.

  • Not every guy will use you and don't let guys from past relationships affect your opinion on men as a whole. Even though one acted like an a** to you doesn't mean they all will. Eventually you'll meet the guy who will make you feel like a princess and forget about the past.

    If you do this to a guy who didn't even do anything to you, then you are being just as bad as the men of your past. I don't think you want that.

    • Nice guys are hard to find but you won't stand a chance at finding AND keeping him if you treat men like they've treated you in the past. I mean, say you start dating a guy and treat him as you described then realize after a while that he's actually a nice guy. How do you explain your behavior to him, making him understand it? I don't think many guys would stay with a girl if she treated them like that. Sorry :(

  • You date a generous man. You can't make someone spend $ on you if cheapness is in his personality.

    You can pretty much tell by going on a few dates with the guy. If after the first date he wants to go dutch, then he's probably not right for you.

  • You slut.

    • You look broke so I can't take anything you say seriously. you probably give it away for free at that!

  • the only reason your being attacked through these comments is simply because your in the wrong mindset.You should'nt pursue relationships just for the benefit.your just setting yourself up for dissapointment.maybe you should change the type of guys that your currently having problems with. Try something new!

  • I don't think you should automatically assume all guys will do nothing but use you. It's not fair to them because there are some pretty good guys out there. Anyways I'm pretty sure that if you have a good guy, all you have to do is tell him you want something(try not to suggest he buy it) and he'll do almost anything to keep you pleased with him. Even if it means burning a hole in his wallet

  • I never accept gifts ( ONLY if its my bday ) .. otherwise, I'd never accept it but I would never be with a guy that won't offer or truly get me something..( EVEN THOUGH I WONT TAKE IT ) hehe..

    Yet, I would never pay for lunch, dinner or anything like that he needs to pay for those ( affordable)..

    P.S: even if he's rich it's my standards xD

    • I love how you act so generous when you won't ever pay for a meal or a drink. stuff like that adds up you know. I am a great guy but I am a student at the moment and there is no way I can afford to spend $50 on lunch all the time. if that is your attitude then no nice and generous guys will want to take you out for dinner.

  • i am late answering but don't mind these hater-ass broke children. in my world, a man gonna give me money whenever the hell I ask for it because he wanna keep me in his life. but I'm not gonna give you game on this post. email me and I'll tell you how to make em' come out they pockets

    • Lol thanx, I'm gonna email u

  • CAN ANYONE ANSWER THE QUESTION DID SHE ASK FOR AN OPINION? geez I buy my own stuff no guy buys my stuff and I'm still annoyed with every single "answer" because no one can giv one its stupid!

  • Listen forget what everyone else is saying. What eventually happens us as young fresh females end up messing around with broke losers who are just tearing the p***ssy apart for what? Nothing? No future no gifts no nothing for the good time u till he leaves and you've just been used up. Well we might as waste our beauty in achieving what we want. Might as well be smart about this. If you ain't benefiting me the. I won't be a benefit to you. I play this game fair. It's life. As women out beauty fades. Yes we will find someone but don't give it up for nothing, heartache, a good time or for FREE.

  • hahah I know what you mean.

    I dated a 62 years old guy for 2 years for me he is awesome, I fell in love like a fool and, after having his ex wife back in the picture, I decided I didn't want/can compete with the mother of his children. Anyway, since I started dating I was always seen like a gold digger ( I'm 27 now) but I never got anything. This guy has a very comfortable (beyond comfortable) economic position. And, after getting out of college and being laid off... Well, I got pretty f***ed off $$ and I still don't get my financial independence back ( my family is great and supports me) He knows, for sure I wasn't there for money and I'm still in love with him, but we are not talking about this now :P LOL

    I see girls that date poor guys and they give them money and buy them things. I just don't get it. I always have wondered how they do it. I know he could easily help me, but he doesn't offer it and I would feel weird asking for money...

  • Hi,

    I'm totally with you and I can answer your question. Well, you make him spend money on you, you must act like you're worth big bucks. Have a nice body, always look your best, and act elegantly. Have class and condifence. Make sure he sees that in you. Make sure he has a good paying job too. Then, get to his heart. Sweet talk, be feminine, be loving and caring. Show him love and sincerity. Don't be afraid to offer for lunch or dinner sometime. Show him that money isn't an issue to you that way he doesn't immediately think you're a gold digger. Last but not least, FUK HIM GOOD.

  • Tell him that you love him. Make sure that you do everything he told you to do you like.

  • for starters, my ex would use me for my money so I know what it feels like from that perspective. I also know a girl who uses her boyfriend for his paycheck and he is one of my friends and it sucks to see how miserable he gets to "make her happy". get a job, spend your own paycheck on yourself. at the end of the day, you are truly the only one who knows exactly how to make yourself happy so use that, not some poor guy. if all of these comments still don't affect you and you still want a guy to spend all of his money on you, google sugar daddy, it'll give you some free dating sites just exactly for people like yourself.