Should I wish a girl I like good luck on her exam and should I do it in the morning of her exam?

should I text a girl good luck on her test

do you guys think its gay or me beeing to nice weve gone on two dates I think she might like me


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  • yes perfect


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  • its a great idea, it will show her that you remembered and that you think about her in the mornings as soon as you wake up too ! (:

  • I think that's sweet. It shows that you remember and you care. It's a nice simple gesture and I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

  • since you've been on two dates, I think it's a cute idea!

    best wishes to you. :*

  • Do it :) I think its really cute when a guys remembered that. And then you can ask her how it went :)

  • Yes! Do it! Then text her after her final to see how it went. Then ask her on a date to celebrate :)


What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah, I think that's fine. What's stopping you? If you don't, you'll probably wish you had.

    • you don't think its gay like its nice

    • No, it's not gay, you just kind of saying hey, and at the same time, maybe showing a little bit of interest in her,