How do you know if someone deleted you on Facebook?

I really would like to know, how do you know when someone deleted you on Facebook? Okay, I met some guy on Facebook. I never met him before, but I was messaging him. He seemed like a nice guy. Anyways, I went on to Facebook and looked on my list of friends. He was still there in my list. I tried to go to his profile page, but for some reason when I clicked on him it said "sorry profile unavailable. Please try again shortly" I couldn't see his profile. So anyways, I thought it was no big deal. Then I checked back later and looked at my list and friends and he wasn't there anymore. So I tried to type his name in the search thing, and his name was still there. (You know the highlight name) But as soon as I clicked on his little icon, it came to the same. "Sorry, page unavailable". Did he delete me? It is really bothering me. I don't know why, but I thought I had a good cyber friendship with him. Unless I said something wrong?!?!?! Plz tell me what you think. This is really depressing me. :( Did something happen to his computer, or what?!?! I need to know!


Most Helpful Guy

  • If you had X-Friends, you'd know for sure if he deleted you, blocked you, or deactivated his account.

    X-Friends -- The Free Facebook Friend Watcher link