How do you know if someone deleted you on Facebook?

I really would like to know, how do you know when someone deleted you on Facebook? Okay, I met some guy on Facebook. I never met him before, but I was messaging him. He seemed like a nice guy. Anyways, I went on to Facebook and looked on my list of friends. He was still there in my list. I tried to go to his profile page, but for some reason when I clicked on him it said "sorry profile unavailable. Please try again shortly" I couldn't see his profile. So anyways, I thought it was no big deal. Then I checked back later and looked at my list and friends and he wasn't there anymore. So I tried to type his name in the search thing, and his name was still there. (You know the highlight name) But as soon as I clicked on his little icon, it came to the same. "Sorry, page unavailable". Did he delete me? It is really bothering me. I don't know why, but I thought I had a good cyber friendship with him. Unless I said something wrong?!?!?! Plz tell me what you think. This is really depressing me. :( Did something happen to his computer, or what?!?! I need to know!


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  • If you had X-Friends, you'd know for sure if he deleted you, blocked you, or deactivated his account.

    X-Friends -- The Free Facebook Friend Watcher link



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  • there is a perfect app called

  • There's an app that just came out called that actually works. h t t p : / / or . It doesn't post stuff to your profile without asking you either.


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  • I don't think he deleted you. If he deleted you, it would just say "add friend" by his name, not page unavailable. Facebook has been having a lot of kinks lately and I am sure it just as to do with that! I wouldn't worry about it at all!

    • Thanks!! Actually, I did overreact. He didn't actually delete me. lol.

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    • If he deleted you, it would still show his picture you just wouldn't be able to click on it. It might mean he deleted his OWN facebook. Which would have nothing to do with you!! Don't worry!

    • Yeah, but what if he blocked me?? What would it look like then if I searched for him?? I think I see his profile, but his picture is gone. He is not in my friend list anymore, obviously he deleted, or blocked me or something. Don't you think? I can't send him a msg either.