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Why do guys beg for sex?

Ok I'll admit that yeah I have begged for sex in the past, and well it got me no where, just made me look pathetic and I didn't even get sex. So I... Show More

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  • I like these overgeneralized questions about guys and girls, and how we all apparently do something.

    • Lol I agree

    • good point seeing how 99% of the guys on this website have never been with a girl so I guess they technically can't beg for sex.

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  • lol I've never heard of guys begging for sex and if they do doesn't that seem a little desperate ? and if they didn't beg they would get it more likely beause the girl is going to think all he's interested in is sex,

  • my fiance constantly begs for it and I try to tell him that if he doesn't ask he will get it more often. I just think its rude and selfish. this is what I got this mornin word for wordM: Can I get some?F: I really don't want to I am not in the mood but I love you!M: I don't give a f***!F:Thats rude I was just trying to be polite about it.M: You want me to just take it from you then?F: NO!M: Then get the f*** outta MY room!F: Stop begging for it and you might get it more often.M: GET THE F*** OUTTA MY ROOM You USELESS BITCH!F: Why do you have to be so rude!M: GET OUTTA MY ROOM! Door slams and of course I hear p*rn going and there ya have it!

  • hahahahaI've never heard guys begging for sex either! OMGxDThat does seem desperate! .so tell me.what are the exact words you use?!? hehe xDBut, you could get much further if you're just being yourself, and if you make it clear you feel a lot for her (if it's true of course). And the thing you said, kissing her in the right places.

What Guys Said 3

  • Is buying a new sports car considered begging for sex?

  • I'd never beg for sex. Sure, you can't ask for it, but if she's not down to give it to you at the moment, just let it be, another time will come!

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