Why do guys beg for sex?

Ok I'll admit that yeah I have begged for sex in the past, and well it got me no where, just made me look pathetic and I didn't even get sex. So I told myself nope not begging anymore, yet still my friends are always begging their girlfriend for sex, why? They never get it when they beg, so what's the point? If you really want to get a girl in bed, it's not that hard. If you know where to touch or kiss a girl in the right spot you got her in bed. I think that women hate it when a guy begs for sex and I think it turns them off so why bother? Am I right ladies or is it a power issue to get what you want?


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  • I like these overgeneralized questions about guys and girls, and how we all apparently do something.

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      Lol I agree

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      good point seeing how 99% of the guys on this website have never been with a girl so I guess they technically can't beg for sex.