He invites me but doesn't answer my Facebook message? Why?

I'm on the fence! Confused! HELP! This guy invites me to his shows (I'm not the only one he invites) I decided to check it out! As I was leaving he stops me and asks how I'm doing, I return the same question. I state to him I had to leave, he mentioned the cold. (I have been stating I don't like winter on my facebook page and because of that I climb into bed under my blankets early every evening) and he mentioned he too didn't like the winter. Until my friend mentioned she loved winter and he then said he use to like winter as he says this he looked at me. (this she states proved he followed my updates on fb) I then again said that I had to go, he than said that if he didn't have to be there he too would be home in bed(making the nap sign with his hands to his face) I then took that as snap statement and said Hey! I'm still in my 30's he then said I thought you where in your 40's! I just looked at him in shock and said I guess It's time for botox and a face lift and kinda laughed!... Show More