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He invites me but doesn't answer my Facebook message? Why?

I'm on the fence! Confused! HELP! This guy invites me to his shows (I'm not the only one he invites) I decided to check it out! As I was leaving he... Show More

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  • Trust me, Facebook is the glitchiest sh*tty chat out there. Don't rely on it to get important messages through. Just tell him in person.

  • ive found that the private messaging crap on facebook is the worst way to grab someones attention. I hardly even notice when I get a private message, so maybe he never even noticed

    • I don't know...the first time I messaged him he responded real fast less then 24 hours! second time to ask how his show went he didn't respond..third time I asked him a very simple question he responded . I personally would not put it past a friend thing tho! I maybe blind to flirting but I think he was just trying to get to level as a girls would call "good friend" you know! I my self have private messages notify my email I've never missed one.

    • that is kinda odd...it could be possible that he read the message, but at the time didn't have time to answer it...and maybe forgot about it later. sometimes stupid things happen when it comes to things like internet and phone communications

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