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Questions to ask a girl to get to know her better?

I just got talking to this girl and I wanna get to know her better, what are good questions to ask during 21 questions?

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  • I love this game I will give you a bunch of questions.Favorite colorFavorite foodWorst thing you've ever doneFavorite thing about yourselfWorst thing that's ever happened to you Dream carDream houseFavorite thing about her childhoodFavorite movieFavorite sportBiggest fearPerson she looks up to mostFirst thing she looks for in a guyFavorite thing about her own looksFavorite way to chill out/relaxOne thing she would change about herselfBiggest regret Best day of her life so farFavorite songWhat she wants most for her futurelet me know if you need more, LOL

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  • Depends on what you wanna know about her.

  • What are her interests?Where does she see herself in five years?Where could she go if she won a free trip to anywhere she could imagine?Who could she swap places with for a day?Are her parents still married?Any siblings?Major in College?Favorite food?Least favortite music? (for future concert tickets??)Ice cream flavor?Season? Sports?Do you get the drift yet...what you want to know.. you need to just ask.

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