What do you say when a girl asks if you miss her?

text convo:

me: know what I heard?

her: what?

me: you miss me

her: miss me?

what should I say? we've gone out twice, I've seen her a couple other times when she was with friends, and I don't wanna sound weak by saying I do, but what's the right thing to say here?


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  • If you don't honestly miss her that much then tell her, sure it will hurt her feelings but it'll be okay. Everybody knows guys don't tell their real feelings a lot of the times so she should expect you to say you don't miss her. If you do miss her tell her, it would probably make her day, or should I say night lol

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      sure, but sometimes girls would appreciate a lie. Such as, "Haha, of course I missed my favorite girl!"

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      haha of course us girls we always want to be told guys miss us but that's a differant topic.. lol just be honest.