What do you say when a girl asks if you miss her?

text convo:

me: know what I heard?

her: what?

me: you miss me

her: miss me?

what should I say? we've gone out twice, I've seen her a couple other times when she was with friends, and I don't wanna sound weak by saying I do, but what's the right thing to say here?


Most Helpful Girl

  • If you don't honestly miss her that much then tell her, sure it will hurt her feelings but it'll be okay. Everybody knows guys don't tell their real feelings a lot of the times so she should expect you to say you don't miss her. If you do miss her tell her, it would probably make her day, or should I say night lol

    • sure, but sometimes girls would appreciate a lie. Such as, "Haha, of course I missed my favorite girl!"

    • haha of course us girls we always want to be told guys miss us but that's a differant topic.. lol just be honest.


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  • Well you asked her first didn't u... :) have her answer and then u.. Lol...

  • Change the subject


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  • You don't want to sound weak by saying that you miss her? So you mean to tell me that telling her that you miss her will with no doubt make you sound weak! What are you suppose to do tell her that you hope you never see her again so you can sound strong. Don't mean to sound mean its just that damn man seems like you got something really special going on between you and this girl. Don't let others make you, make your very owself no matter what. Last time I checked it takes a real man to say the truth...and a fake man, to sound fake just to try to be strong go get her man!