How to handle V-day when we haven't said "i love you" yet?

iThis is my first valentines day with someone. I'm 20, and my boyfriend is 23. weve been together about 3 1/2 months. He's thoughtful, affectionate,... Show More

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  • I think a "Thinking of you on valentines day" card would suffice. What you have planned sounds lovely as it is. No need to go over the top, as it's only been a few months.

    • but that's the problem. no idea where to cook dinner, because my house isn't an option, his kitchen isn't something I want to cook a romantic meal in.

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    • It would be so much better fresh and ready off the stove, all layed out on nice plates. And to have everything flow. Talk a little after dinner, sit him down, do my strip tease for him.

      Rather than bringing it over in containers, heating it up in the microwave. Not sexy.

    • Sigh... you're such a romantic by the book. If it helps, cook it right before leaving. Not so hard.