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If a guy gives you his number, when do you text him?

A guy gave me his number and I'm not sure if I should text him later tonight or tomorrow. It wasn't like he was flirting with me we just kinda talked... Show More

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  • it was definitely flirting and he wouldn't mind you texting him that night...

What Guys Said 3

  • I'd text him that same night. I'm not the kind of guy who likes girls who procrastinate or play hard to get. So me, personally, calling me a week later would signal that you were not really interested so I would ignore your text once it finally comes in. I would only pursue a girl who shows strong interest, else she's just likely to fade out during a date.

    • so if I text him are you sure it wouldn't look desperate? lol I mean I kno I'm not but I just wanna be sure he won't be like hmm she could have waited a day...

    • some guys are stupid, yes, they'll think that, but I'm beyond that bullchet. So that's just my experience. Hopefully you find a guy who doesn't fork around like that.

  • wait a day then text him or better yet, if possible, call him. yes that green button and your voice still work and for a first time, talking is a good thing. you don't have to talk all the time but hearing a girls pretty voice once in a while can be really nice. if you want to text him tonight keep the conversation shorter in length and make him want to come back for more. a little bit of an incentive to text you for a guy can really work.

    hope this helps

    • Thanks I really appreciate it :D

    • one more thing...would it look desperate if I texted him tonight?

    • no it wouldn't as long ass you don't talk to him for more than say an hour or two. after that it is a little long for a first conversation

What Girls Said 4

  • Call him the next day.

  • Wait a day.

  • Guys have a three day rule for women they really like...all men do...trust me! :)

    If you like him or are just friend with him let him text you first...if he is expecting it from you first wait three days then do it.

    • i average about two to four. sometimes the same day or the next day. there really isn't a rule

  • When a guy gave me his number, I texted him the next day

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