Can girls pee standing up?

girls... can you pee standing up?


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  • Sure. . .if I want pee running down my legs. . .


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  • bahaha umm first I'd love to know why on earth you want to know this!?!? lol

    No girls cannot pee standing up.

  • yes but it sucks

  • Of course they can, we can totally pee in the shower.

  • My youngest sister mastered this and could lift up her skin and pee right along side my brothers like a college girl between school buses. She's joke that she was actually peeing out of her penis-shaped clit. (though it's not actually penis shaped, that was just part of her joke).

    • but can you do it

    • I can do it too it's just she can really stream it up like a fountain as my brothers would do. She learn that at an early age. Now a days she can pee standing up into the toilet if she wants to.

    • hope u'll perfect the thing one day just like your sister :D

  • of course you can pee when you're standing but you can't really aim or make it in the toilet

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  • yes, some have peed on me while standing.

  • link

    that's the way it could work :)

  • yea girls can pee standing up cause when I was young me and my cousin would like do stuff together (not sex) and she showed me that she could pee standing up and it went into the toilet and wasn't messy at all